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Gigi is back, as a character in a web comic

My FB and MySpace friend Kelly has a web comic that she started over on MySpace several years ago back when this blog was hosted over there. Well we have both moved on from there but are still continuing with out creative endeavours, and when Gigi was stolen she created the character Lulu, a bicycle that used the internets and eventually had an online hook-up with a character named Bhudda. Now Lulu (Gigi) is back as a recurring character in this episode . The light and handlebar bag were correct but the handlebars are way off for Gigi.

But the dialog is vintage Gigi…

PSA, Opus


Worked all afternoon on the panniers without success, now the Feed

Yes I spent the entire afternoon trying to mount the kitty-litter buckets so they would be quiet on the bike without success. The main problem I’m having is I want the lids of the buckets and the top of the rack to all lie in the same horizontal plane so the buckets can be used to support large tie-down cargo, like sleeping bags and tents. To do that I have to drill the holes for the brackets with the whole mess upside down on the deck with the lids on. Making things really complicated I need to drill those holes in the brackets from the inside of the bucket that is sitting upside down on the closed lid… Yeah, still trying to figure that one out… I could just use duct tape to seal up the holes from the previous attempt to make panniers out of the buckets, and make new holes from the outside.

Up first is another cyclist hit from behind in CA (are you paying attention Jerry Brown?!). Bicyclist hit by car and killed after leaving job at Disneyland At the moment there is very little known about this wreck besides the “Hit from behind” aspect. Lights, reflectors, or even helmet useage by the cyclist are either unknown or not released by LEO. Use the hit-from-behind protocol at the top of my blog to avoid a similar wreck, assuming that’s possible. Another link. Disneyland Employee Hit & Killed by Car While Riding Bicycle Home from Work

A small town in WI responds to a bad built environment by banning people from the streets when they don’t have a car around them when there isn’t a sidewalk or bike lane in the entire town. Wisconsin town considers banning bicycles from its roads and Wisconsin town proposes bike ban People running or riding on the roads would have to get permits from the town with dates and routes of travel and be restricted to certain times. Yeah, like that is going to fly with State and Federal laws…

Still in WI a critically injured cyclist dies from injuries sustained when a multi-ton WMD collides with him. Bicyclist dies from injuries suffered in crash; fatality total reaches 11 and Mount Pleasant bicyclist dies of injuries from crash At this time it isn’t known if the cyclist ran a stop sign or if the driver stopped and then went without looking and hit the cyclist in the intersection. I can’t get a Google Maps hit on the location so I can’t say anything about the location.

Kill a cyclist, pay a $30 fine in VA. Bicyclist’s death brings $30 fine in traffic case The cyclist died as a result of a left cross wreck and the driver only gets a $30 fine because the prosecutor failed to show up for the case. TANJ!

More on the door prize “winner” in the Great White North. Public joins family in mourning cyclist The fine for “dooring” a cyclist is almost as much as a cyclist gets for running a red light. So, even if there is a prosecution, the penalty will be minute in comparison to the damages. Basically a small fine for killing another human being.

More on the trial of the man accused of running over 5 cyclists in a bike lane. Blood, hair of cyclists found on van Basically what this says is that the accused’s vehicle is the weapon vehicle from the wreck. Side note on bike helmets, pieces of the victims’ helmets were found inside the weapon vehicle. Hard to protect a head when it falls apart in a wreck, not that I expect a bicycle helmet to do much good in a wreck of that intensity. One thing I don’t understand is the accused admits to being the one driving the van when it hit the cyclists in the bike lane, but pleads not guilty in the crime? If he wasn’t guilty of dangerous driving then it must have been assault with intent to murder. Novel defense, “I wasn’t driving dangerously because I intended to hit and kill the victims.” That ranks right up there with “I shot him because he needed killing.”

And that’s all I have today. Tomorrow I’m going camping so there may not be a post, but I will be back for a Wreck-Free Sunday post.

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