Daily Archives: October 15, 2011

About to go camping, no Feed

I know, a Saturday without a Feed. What will you do? How about going for a bike ride, like I’m about to do. I did a test run on the kitty-litter bucket panniers last night and empty I found them to be quiet and secure. I checked out what drivers could see from behind at night and what they see they don’t understand, so they stay well back. I used part of 2 old license plates and a couple of stick-on reflectors stuck in the middle of the plates to make my night profile more visible, and the combination has drivers doing a WTF? I won’t have anything final to say about the set-up until after I do a major grocery run and see how the bike handles and everything holds up on the bumps. I noticed in my test run that I lost 7% on my speed, which means that when I’m doing long trips not involving carrying large loads I’ll leave the buckets at home.

All I need to do now is figure out how to connect my camera to my computer to download my pictures of Blue and his new green kitty-litter buckets.

PSA, Opus