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Tasha Borland update: Keep Tasha in prison!

I have just been notified that convicted cyclist-killer Taasha Borland is appealing her sentence in hopes of getting out earlier. You can help by sending an e-mail to the judge hearing her appeal @ jmansfield@tulsacounty.org You need to get your e-mail in by 10/18.

Please keep e-mails respectful, and tone down the drunk driver hate.

I had been wondering why I had been getting so many hits on Tasha’s name lately and now I think I know why. Keep Tasha in prison.

PSA, Opus


More Gigi sightings, and the Feed

Yes Gigi made another appearance in Rule of Three as Ortango’s bicycle Lulu. Just an FYI Ortango is Not Me, the only common characteristics we share are riding bicycles (although Ortango has it all over me when it comes to long distance touring with that San Francisco to south Florida ride to deliver the new bust for Buddha) and speech impediments, with Ortango having a very different speech problem than mine. I know nothing about transferring the spirits of the departed from one ceramic figure to another, nor do I wear horns on my helmet or wear my helmet when I’m not riding my bike. Go see Gigi (as Lulu) here .

Up first because it’s funny in a macabre way, the Moscow police officers that hit-and-ran a cyclist over the weekend were fired for being drunk on duty. Cops Who Injured Cyclist Were Intoxicated Drunk cops driving too fast (admittedly with the lights and siren going) and running into parked cars after hitting the cyclist while they blew through a red light. I don’t object to cops drinking, off-duty. I do object to cops drinking on-duty and then driving while drunk. I say give them the same punishment all drunk drivers deserve when they injure another road user, a long prison sentence and permanent banning from driving with being behind the wheel equal to illegal possession of a weapon. Perhaps an “enhancement” because as LEO they know better. But still, had I seen this in a movie, I would have laughed at how absurd it was. And I would not have believed it could happen in real life.

The SC driver that ran into 5 cyclists last year, killing an Army doctor, pleads guilty to the wreck. Plea means 90-day sentence in cyclist death I find this sentence an abomination and an insult to the deceased and his family, not to mention that this totally ignores the other 4 cyclists injured in the wreck. People have gotten stiffer sentences for killing dogs, this was a human being. And there is strong evidence that the driver acted deliberately, that he wasn’t “distracted”. But this does open the floodgates for the victim’s family and the other 4 cyclists hit to file suit against the driver. I hope he is left penniless by their combined settlements. Five plaintiffs each entitled to 1/3 of the net income of the defendant equals no fun for the driver.

More on a hit-and-run near Seattle. Driver sought in Black Diamond hit-and-run that injured cyclist I love that they actually posted a picture of the broken side mirror from the weapon vehicle. Anyway, hit from behind, use the protocols to avoid this by making sure there is an escape route where you can dodge to.

From the Great White North more information on a hit-and-run I posted about yesterday. Cyclist injured, Kingsville OPP seek driver Another hit-from-behind wreck, this time with no debris that could be used to identify the weapon vehicle. All I can say is be really careful out there in Canada as it seems some drivers have a hate on for cyclists.

Infrastructure! as a stretch of road that has been frequently mentioned in this blog is up for improvements. Safety improvements on Highway 9 the topic of committee meeting I don’t see how adding sidewalks will do anything for cyclists other than getting pedestrians out of the bike lane…

And I’m done early, Tuesday feeds are normally quite small.

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