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Coffee shortage, and the Feed

No, I’m not talking about the bad harvest that raised the wholesale cost of beans by an enormous level, I’m talking about the lack of coffee fixings here in Casa de Poet. I only have enough sugar and creamer for a single cup of coffee and the cats are hiding under the bed for some strange reason… Fall has finally arrived here in the Suburbs of Hell, we actually had 2 days in a row with the morning low under 60, and the high was under 80°F. As a result people around here have been grabbing their winter coats and hats. I kid you not, people treat these temperatures like people up north treat below freezing. Of course we also run around for months without really noticing, in temperatures that have people up north dropping like flies. Me, I’m an odd duck no matter where I go. I’m still wearing a pair of soccer shorts and not much else, but I did make one concession to the changing weather, I now have on a pair of wool ankle socks with my sandals when I go outside. Later when it starts getting really cold I have a pair of heavy insulated gloves for keeping my fingers warm. I didn’t need to wear quite so heavy a glove when I was younger, but then again I had a lot more “personal insulation” when I was younger.

A major theme in today’s Feed was people losing their minds and using the wrong weapons against cyclists they didn’t like. Bicyclist Shot and Killed While Riding Through Pico Rivera and Bicyclist Shot, Killed in Northeast D.C. This is either cyclist hate taken to extremes by very stupid people, or just very stupid people using the wrong weapon against people they have a personal beef with. Had they used a motor vehicle they could have claimed the cyclists rode off the sidewalk in front of them (SWSS) or just claimed to have never seen the cyclists (SMIDSY). I don’t know how you can avoid being shot while riding your bike, because shooting a person on a bike just makes no sense, both from a legal and logistical perspective. More Morning Roundup: No Access Edition

The brother of the Army doctor killed last year while riding in a pack of 15 that was hit from behind injuring 4 other riders (sorry about that construction) makes a public statement. Brother of killed cyclist releases statement For those with short memories, this was the driver that got 90 days for killing the doctor, and zilch for injuring the other 4 cyclists when he hit them from behind on a stretch of straight, flat road with good sight-lines. More Man who hit, killed bicyclist receives 90 days in jail OK this is unacceptable, all this murderer has lost is 45 successive weekends. He gets to keep his job, and he gets to sleep in his own home with his family 5 nights a week during his “incarceration”. I don’t know if his ban on driving is permanent or just until his “incarceration” is over. This was the point I was trying to make in the previous paragraph, killing a cyclist with a motor vehicle is no great crime, even with multiple witnesses.

A cyclist is hit by a motor vehicle in CT. Bicyclist Injured in South Windsor Crash The cyclist was not there to give his statement to police, so the 81 YO driver is the only story they heard… Assuming the driver’s story is accurate, to avoid just don’t cross against the light. Even if you are wearing a brand-new Hi-Viz jacket so drivers can see you.

More jurisprudence news from the Great White North as the trial of the man accused of running over 5 cyclists in the bike lane draws to the end of the evidentiary phase. Cyclists’ bodies ‘bouncing off, into and over’ accused’s van I don’t see how this could end up as anything except a conviction on all 10 counts. The driver admits to being behind the wheel when the wreck happened, the DNA evidence is conclusive as to the victim’s blood being the blood on the van when it was found, and they found bits of the victims inside the van including parts of helmets and jerseys. If the jury acquits this guy I shall have to go to Canada and kill him myself. Or, you know, give him an Atomic Wedgie. More Luangpackham’s Actions Didn’t Amount to Criminal Act: Lawyer and Man Accused of Hitting Cyclists Says He Fell Asleep at the Wheel

Still in Canada, a huge turnout as cyclists remember the door prize “winner” in a memorial ride. Update: Hundreds of cyclists ride in tribute to Danielle Naçu (with photos and video by the Citizen and BikeView) The size of the turnout reflects both the number of people who knew Danielle and the number of people that could have been victims of a similar wreck wanting to make their voices heard that the small fine the driver that doored Danielle is facing is not appropriate in the face of a death caused by the behavior that the fine is being charged for. Actions should have consequences that reflect the damage done, and a fine for killing a cyclist that is less than the fine for simply riding a bicycle on the sidewalk does not reflect the damages done. More Memorial Ride for Cyclist Killed on Queen Street

LifeStyle of the bicyclic. 10/22: Bicycle ride to pair injured soldiers, supporters WoaB strongly suggests you make this ride…

Infrastructure! news from Jolly Olde> TfL ‘failing’ to keep cyclists safe at King’s Cross A FoIA inquiry has disclosed that the government knew 3 years ago that their design for the area was potentially fatal to cyclists, and did nothing to change that. Under UK laws this makes the people that made this decision criminally liable for the deaths that resulted from their decisions. At a minimum I see people losing their jobs over this…

Remembering a cyclist killed in a hit-and-run in Seattle. Bicyclist killed in Seattle commute was also talented photographer Michael Wang was killed by a SUV driver that witnesses say never even slowed in the process of killing the cyclist. His talents as a photographer show his vision of the world.

And that’s all I have today… I am hopeful that the day will come that all I will have to post in this blog is the funny things my cats do and what a great ride I went on the day before, but until then, could someone set up a coffee IV for me? 😛

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