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No Mule duty today, and the Feed

Well this is a disappointment. I just mounted 80 pounds of cargo capacity to Blue so I don’t have to carry groceries home on my back and Mrs. the Poet says we aren’t going grocery shopping today. Something about not being able to close the freezer door or something like that… Well it’s not like I won’t use that capacity eventually. I’m still working on how I’m going to carry both the tent and sleeping bag on the bike for camping trips without SAG or a luggage truck. I know I want to have something that hooks into the rack on one end and has some kind of latch to control the other end, but I still don’t know if I want to extend the rack so everything is on the same horizontal plane, or make something that will stack the sleeping bag and the tent within the confines of the rack and panniers. I do know I want something that can be quickly removed so that I can get to the contents of the panniers, which I couldn’t do with the stuff tied to the rack. Don’t worry, I’ll come up with something and it will be awesome. More than likely weird, but still awesome.

Up first because it has been dominating the Feed this week, the trial of the man accused of hitting 5 cyclists from behind in the bike lane has gone to the jury. Jury deliberates in Kanata cyclist crash trial The pictures that were released today are just incredible. That anyone could have not known that they hit someone with the level of damages shown in these pictures indicates either intoxication or a level of stupidity that should have been caught during the written test preventing the accused from getting a license. And while checking for more links that the Feed did not deliver yet I found this batch Driver who struck 5 Kanata cyclists found guilty and Guilty verdict in March Road crash that injured 5 cyclists also Statement from cyclist Mark White after the guilty verdict not done yet ‘Kanata 5’ driver found guilty on all counts like the Energizer Bunny EXCLUSIVE: Kanata cyclist testified in tears even more Ottawa man guilty of hit and run on five cyclists Lots of links on this one Cyclists’ bodies ‘bouncing off, into and over’ accused’s van still not complete Jury convicts Ottawa man of dangerous driving causing bodily harm in 2009 crash more Jury Reaches Guilty Verdict in Kanata Hit and Run Case finally Kanata driver found guilty on all charges

Still in Canada for the moment, at another trial for another hit-and-run driver. Hit-and-run suspect tells court he thought he struck deer, not cyclist The vehicle lost pieces from the grill and parking light as well as the entire passenger-side mirror, he had to have known he hit something big. To not stop and see what is just insane.

A left-cross in OR. Cyclist hurt after colliding with car on SW Canyon Road I can’t believe the number of people blaming the cyclist in this one, OR law is quite explicit about this. Even if you have a traffic control indicating it is your turn to use the road, you still must yield to other traffic on the road.

Another bike-v-car wreck in OR, this one is a SWSS. Cyclist Struck in Sisters Identified as Bend Man All I can say is hit-from-behind protocols, be sure to have an escape route, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Another dead cyclist in NYC, Cyclist Killed In East Williamsburg Just After Midnight and East Williamsburg Cyclist Killed on Morgan Avenue Last Night Remember intersection protocols, and be ready to break hard to the right while using brakes to reduce the angle of impact and reduce forces transferred to your body… As of this posting LEO still had no ID on the driver.

An apparent bike ninja is hit in NY state. Cyclist, 18, dies in collision with pickup I thought I saw a reflector in the picture that went with the article, but it was just an evidence tag showing where the bike ended up. When I zoomed on the picture I saw a typical BMX set up for vert on a half-pipe with no brakes and a freewheel. That is not the best kind of bike to use for transportation, or anywhere except a half-pipe. I could tell you how to avoid this wreck, but really this bike should never have been on the roads in the first place.

In NJ a cyclist is left-crossed and the driver is charged. Driver Charged After Collision Injures Bicyclist Not much I can tell you about this one, except that this is another reminder that every driveway is an intersection and to use intersection protocols to save your life, or maybe a trip to the emergency room.

A reminder about the need to control speed on a descent. Roadside Memorial for Cyclist Killed in Accident Slow down when you’re going down.

Infrastructure! in SoCal Cyclists push city to adopt “bike master plan” Having a plan is good, having a plan and then doing nothing, or ignoring the plan when you are doing something, is bad.

Legal infrastructure in CA. Bill’s Veto Disappoints Area Cyclists My personal views on this are in the blog post titled Why, Jerry, why?and the Feed

LifeStyle in Seattle. Friends remember fallen cyclist at Palace Ballroom I wish I could have met the guy, he sounds really cool.

And that’s all I have today.

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