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Having a Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot moment here, and the Feed

OK I get news about other things than just people on bicycles, I actually watch CNN as well as the Weather Channel (and Speed, Discovery, Funimation, and sometimes Boomerang and Cartoon Network, but my TV habits are not what I was about to write about here). I see the stuff going down at Occupy and also the ongoing civil war in Libya. I may be brain damaged but I’m still no dummy, this is some pretty heavy stuff going down. I like to be able to see what’s coming, but to be honest at this particular time in history there are too many things that could blow up and cause a cataclysm, like the Tony Baloney pepper spraying at OWS, or the murder of Ghaddafi in front of cameras. The world is about to make a radical change of direction, and I can’t tell which way I should be bracing.

Up first as an example of the priority placed on cyclists’ lives, CO LEO have begun investigating the death of a cyclist killed in a left-cross wreck this past summer. Probe of Lefthand Canyon cyclist death proceeds after 4-month backlog I have covered what happened in this wreck previously, as well as noting the cyclist that died used the protocols spelled out in the link at the top of my blog but died anyway. What makes this story notable though is LEO have been holding the weapon vehicle since the wreck, which happened in June at the start of the busy season for the guy that owned and drove the truck. The (temporary?) loss of the truck has caused the driver great financial harm, and he hasn’t even gone to trial yet. This may end up being the worst punishment he has gotten for any of his bicycle wrecks, including the one where he got out of his vehicle and assaulted the cyclist after hitting the cyclist. Given his record against cyclists, I think it’s high time he got something that will change his attitude.

A cyclist in MI is hit while riding on the sidewalk (legally). CYCLIST INJURED All I can say about this one is treat all driveways like intersections and apply intersection protocols to avoid getting hit by a clueless driver.

Two links to a SWSS in OR (that I think I linked to yesterday, but theses are new links). Unidentified Cyclist Injured in Crash and Injured cyclist identified At this point they only have the testimony of the 79 YO driver that the cyclist swerved from the bike lane, the other 2 possibilities being the cyclist was not in the bike lane at all because of debris or that the driver was driving in the bike lane and hit the cyclist there then swerved back into the main lane of travel. I haven’t been sent any crime scene pictures yet, so I can’t say.

A NJ cyclist is left-crossed by a vehicle leaving a parking lot. PRINCETON: Woman cyclist, 72, in collision with car This is an update on a link I posted yesterday, only this link has charges filed included… Again, treat all driveways as intersections to avoid wrecks. What would really prevent wrecks like this would be to treat collisions with vulnerable users like negligent assault.

A wreck in WV has lasting consequences for the cyclist’s friends and family. Cyclists circle round injured German rider Hit-from-behind wreck, but that’s not the important part of this story, the community of cyclists is. The thing about this wreck that really bugs me is the driver was driving on a suspended license at the time of the wreck, and no weapons charges have been filed for swerving his multi-ton truck into the cyclist’s lane of travel. There should have been an assault charge of some kind filed because of that swerve, not just misdemeanor reckless driving. TANJ!

A wreck of a tandem bike in NH is caused by a criminally over-polite driver. Keene High teacher hurt in bicycle crash The driver that caused the crash stopped to let the truck driver make a left turn when the tandem came by on the right of the blocking vehicle. The driver of the weapon vehicle was screened from seeing the bike until it was almost in the side of his vehicle, by which time it was too late to stop. There are 2 things that could have prevented this wreck, besides the over-polite person not stopping. The driver of the weapon vehicle could have waited until the over-polite person moved on before turning (the legal thing to do), or the captain of the tandem could have slowed way down when he saw the stopped vehicle in the other lane. I can’t get a Google Maps hit on the wreck scene so I can’t say if there was a turning lane or just 2 lanes of traffic in the direction of travel for the tandem or if the tandem captain could have thought the stopped vehicle was making a left turn in the opposite direction of the truck he collided with.

In Enn Zed, a passenger in a car that ran over a cyclist with a 3/4 ton trailer suffers severe psychological trauma. Trauma of running over cyclist haunts woman The cyclist was brushed by a car in front of them and then fell under the heavy trailer. The wreck was so bad that LEO were unable to tell if the cyclist was wearing a helmet, not that it would have made any difference in the outcome. LEO are still trying to find the vehicle that brushed against the cyclist and a BMW that placed the driver in a good place to see the wreck. I don’t know what you could do to prevent this kind of wreck except not be there.

A cyclist in Oz gets even via the courts system. Injured cyclist sues crash driver The main thing she was suing for was compensation for the destruction of her bicycle, which would have been taken care of in a couple of weeks had it been a car instead, but the victim had to file suit to get anything at all. Ordinalrily I would tag this with a TANJ! but I think instead There Is (a) Little Justice.

Someone needs to find out where Mike V. was during this time. Cyclists suspect sabotage at Stratham Hill Park trails Mikey, Mikey, where were you Mikey? Actually this doesn’t fit Mikey’s M.O. of attacking mountain bikers with a saw or icepick on the trail… For more information on Mikey’s antics see the newsgroup rec.bicycles.soc. He loves to post over there.

Charges are being considered over the design of a notoriously bad intersection in London. Call for TfL to face ‘Corporate manslaughter’ charge over delayed safety work at junction This intersection has claimed several cyclists’ lives since the the report in 2008 told the group responsible that it would kill cyclists and pedestrians that had to go through it. That report was covered up (but not destroyed, because nothing is destroyed in the computer age), and having been dredged back up now will be used as a bludgeon against the TfL because the deaths predicted have come true.

And that’s all I have today that gives me fits.

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