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Missing out on a bunch of bike stuff to bring you the Feed

Actually I’m not missing out to bring you the Feed, it’s since I got up too late to make any of these bike things I might as well do the post with the Feed. There were all kinds of bike rides today in Oak Cliff as part of Cyclesomatic and the Build a Better Oak Cliff celebrations, but since I live on the other side of Dallas I would have to leave about 2 hours before the ride to get to the ride and I got up about the time I would have had to leave for the ride. So because I have a natural late night inclination and am adverse to early mornings, you get to read about bike wrecks and infrastructure and some stuff about bike culture.

Up first is reaction to the sentence of the man that assaulted 15 cyclists in SC. Cyclists React to Sentence in Doctor’s Death The fact that the man wasn’t even charged for the other 4 cyclists he hit is what chaps my behind the most.

Moving out west, a SWSS in Seattle, with 2 links. Mugger Put In Headlock, Cyclist Injured In Aurora Crash, and a Capitol Hill Slashing and with more detail Police: Cyclist seriously injured when struck by car on Aurora Unconscious rider taken from scene, check. Driver claims cyclist “swerved” from next lane before getting hit, check. Total lack of verifying evidence of said “swerve”? Check. To avoid, use the hit-from-behind protocols in the link at the top of my blog. Also since this was a low visibility wreck, a bright blinky tail light, or the Honkin’ Huge Tailighttm on bright might have helped. Might, if the driver was actually paying attention to the road instead of something inside the car or daydreaming.

More on the SWSS in Bend OR. Injured Cyclist Improves I’m still calling this a SWSS until I can get access to a police report with crime scene pictures… Glad to hear the cyclist is doing better…

Another report on the investigation of the left-cross of the cyclist in Lefthand Canyon in CO finally getting underway with a review of the crime scene and examination of the physical evidence. State Patrol Has 4-Month Backlog On Accidents As I stated yesterday, what I know of the physical evidence does not bode well for Mr. Loven.

Moving to the Great White North in Canuckistan (I love Canadians, my brother is one). 70-year-old cyclist critically injured Apparently they know the victim’s age but are not releasing the name until next-of-kin are notified. This looks to be a hit-from-behind wreck as well as a hit-and-run. All LEO need to do to find this guy is keep a finger on any windshield repair places in the area. I don’t know why these establishments are not required to be bonded and to report smashed windshields to LEO, it would save so much on the legwork required to find hit-and-run drivers. If a customer comes in with a smashed windshield and front end damage, hold the car to compare it to known hit-and-run wrecks in the area… Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols, and so forth.

Still in the Great White North, a cyclist is hit-from-behind and LEO blame the cyclist for being there… Bayfield cyclist killed on highway outside Egmondville At least the Mounties did mention that cyclists have a right to the roads.

More from far west Canuckistan. Cyclist hurt in collision Obviously the cyclist’s fault for wearing dark clothing, isn’t it? Notice that nothing was posted about the driver or even the existence of the car.

The first responder for this wreck was a military first-responder who was recently honored for his life-saving efforts. IN PERSON: Corpsman snapped into action to help injured cyclist Not much on the actual wreck other than hit-and-run, but that isn’t the important part of this story, the guy that stopped and helped is.

Aside from the UK reports that never say anything except that there was a cyclist hit, that is the Feed for today.

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