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Still angry from yesterday, and the Feed

OK to save you the effort I’ll recap with saying I had a little snit that I put on the post about how sometimes it’s the little things that make you the angriest when you deal with the long-term effects of a serious wreck with multiple injuries. I’m still in that mood now. I mean that I had more stuff that was changed after the wreck because of the injuries other than the brain damage, like not being able to cross my legs and sit on the floor. That one only really gets me when we do things at church that would be easier if I sat on the floor like the people who haven’t had broken hips or mangled knees, and what really makes me mad about that is I could rehab that hip even now if I could apply a side load to my knee and stretch the muscles that are preventing my hip from rotating that way. But my knee wasn’t even looked at until months after the wreck which left me with ligaments that had healed “stretched” instead of in a way that holds the knee in place. And that would not have happened if I healed like a normal person instead of like a comic-book superhero. And apparently this is not the first time I did something like this to my knees, the pictures they took while they were doing the operation showed scars on top of scars on all the ligaments in my knee. Apparently, at least some of those times when I did something and my knee hurt I had torn some ligaments and then kept on going because it didn’t hurt that much worse than it did usually with the other stuff I had going on in there. I mean how bad is your life when a potentially crippling injury is undetectable because it only hurts a little more than the other injuries and chronic conditions?

Up first because it made me very angry, NYPD has concluded their “investigation” into the right-hook hit-and-run of a cyclist. No Charges Against Truck Driver Who Fatally Ran Over Cyclist In Williamsburg I put the quotes around “investigation” on purpose. If you read the report the cyclist and the truck existed in parallel universes where the light was red for the cyclist but green for the truck that ran him over essentially from behind, or was next to him and moved over and killed him. Either way, if the cyclist was running the red then the driver that was beside him to run him over also ran the red. The failure to charge for the hit-and-run was just unforgivable. The pig (and I’m not using that term lightly as I really think this is an insult to real porcines) actually said that because the weapon vehicle was very big and the victim very small there was no way for the driver to know he had committed a crime. I’m sorry, but there is no provision for knowing you have hit someone or something to kick in to make hit-and-run a crime, neither is there a provision that you have to be at fault for leaving the scene of a wreck to be a crime. All you need to do is leave the scene without waiting for LEO to arrive and take your statement.

A serious bike wreck in MI. One critically injured in Robinson Township bike-vehicle crash Not much to go on here as the investigation was not complete when the report was posted. Possible hit-from-behind, the cyclist may have gone through the windshield to injure the driver as the report reads right now. I’m going to do a second search on this wreck and see if there are more links. I didn’t find anything else about this wreck, sorry.

More about the OK cyclist that ran into the back of a parked car at a high rate of speed, third vehicle suspected in the wreck. Sister Says Tulsa Cyclist Critically Injured In Crash Is A Survivor As I read the article posted now LEO suspect there may have been a third vehicle that forced the cyclist into the parked car at speed, as the cyclist was the kind of person that was always prepared for emergencies but was seldom in one himself. I mean the guy had a first-aid kit on his bike, I don’t even do that. Yehuda Moon does, but then he has that bag-of-holding on his bike that has half a hardware store in it. I find the fact that the cyclist was enough with it to call 911 on his cell phone while still inside the wrecked vehicle nothing short of amazing…

Two links to the report on the cyclist that skidded under a car that was lifted off of him. Cyclist credits ‘heroes’ who lifted car off of him and Injured cyclist thanks ‘heroes’ who saved him This was not the same story as the car that caught fire and was lifted of the motorcyclist last month. What is it about people in UT lifting cars off people? This is the second time that has happened in 2 months. Anyway, to avoid a similar wreck use intersection protocols as linked at the top of my blog.

The man that killed a cyclist in WY is going to trial. Lander man pleads not guilty to vehicular homicide, manslaughter and other charges Prosecutors say Sniffin was under the influence of marijuana and possibly prescription narcotics at the time of the crash. With a name like Sniffin I would have guessed he was doing inhalants like glue rather than pot :rimshot: I don’t have an active link to the original wreck report, but it’s safe to say the cyclist wasn’t doing anything wrong in this wreck…

OK this one is just weird. BWI: Bicyclist Charged With Drunk Driving The cyclist had consumed alcohol and the tox tests have not come back yet, but they arrest the guy in the ambulance after he gets hit from behind? Did they test the driver of the vehicle that hit him, too? Anyway, hit-from-behind, find the appropriate protocol from the links at the top of my blog. And try not to bicycle while drunk, please?

Up in the Great White North a cyclist and a pedestrian are injured in 2 separate unrelated wrecks within a quarter mile on the same street. Two hit on 100 Avenue on same day AFAICT from the article the cyclist was crossing the street legally with the right of way when he was hit. There is no way to avoid a wreck like this because sooner or later you have to depend on other road users following the laws and respecting your right of way. The only other option is to ride up and down the street or sidewalk in front of your house until you get to a corner or a driveway and then turning around and coming back. To me that would just be a waste of time and energy.

Infrastructure! in Seattle. Bikes And Cars Try To Ease On Down The Road

Infrastructure in the great White North. Province to review four years of cyclist deaths The first step to solving a problem is realizing you have a problem to solve. Ottawa is taking that first step.

And that’s the news that gives me fits, or doesn’t but I thought it was interesting.

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