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Running really late after visiting the Lab Rat Keeper, the Feed

Yep, had to visit the LRK again. Everything is going fine, I’m just under goal, so no adjustments to my meds. I weighed in at 205.6 pounds, down a bunch from last month, so that’s good, too. The transportation there and back was a trip, in more than one sense. The bus I was riding in caught fire and filled with smoke, so we all got off the bus and got on another, I was on the “service replacement” that went directly to Addison Transit Center, picked up the riders waiting there and made it to the LRK office in time for my appointment. Then on the way back a gas main broke in the median of Beltline Road and everything came to a standstill until a detour was worked out.

Up first in this delayed edition is another hit-and-run in the most deadliest state to walk or ride a bike in the US. Friends of cyclist killed in hit-and-run say buzzing reason for crash I learned something I didn’t know about this wreck from last week, the cyclist was hit a glancing blow from the left front, meaning the driver came over the centerline to hit the cyclist. I don’t know if there is any way for a cyclist to avoid something like this.

Moving to the Great White North (Thank you SCTV) we have a wreck with an injured cyclist that LEO are holding close to the vest. Cyclist injured in accident Wow, this is almost like a UK wreck report, as the investigation continues…

A wreck with a tiny bit more information still in Canuckistan. Man seriously injured in bridge bike crash Again not much information about the wreck, whether it was another vehicle or a loss of traction issue in the winter weather up there.

Another mystery wreck, this one in Oz. Thurgoona cyclist hurt in mystery accident They don’t think another vehicle was involved, but that level of injury doesn’t happen very often without “intervention” from a motor vehicle. I suppose it is possible that he got that way without getting hit by or with a motor vehicle, but I don’t see it as a high probability. If a motor vehicle was involved this was most likely a “buzz job” from behind, hit from behind protocols to avoid.

Infrastructure! in VA. Bike expert advises area cyclists on how to improve bike network The first step to fixing a problem is recognizing you have a problem.

Same thing in the UK. Slough road safety campaign to reduce cyclist injuries More Widow fears superhighway victim will ‘end up as a statistic’ and Boris Johnson’s cycling policies: putting the motorist first And finally Girls on Bikes – We Need Awareness, not Scaremongering

LifeStyle from the windy city. A bike means freedom for South Side Chicago kids

And that’s all I have today. I hope I get done sooner tomorrow.

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