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Gearing up for a fund raiser, and the Feed

Greetings, as I compose this my church is getting ready for a fund raising auction with a Steampunk/Circus theme One of the things I’ll be doing for this is creating baked goods, specifically sweet bread for breakfast toast of various flavors. My breads are quite popular and can fetch a heavy price at auction, and normally sell for $5 a loaf as fast as I can bake them. I haven’t been able to bake any for about a year now because the oven in my stove blew up. Long story… Also as part of the presentation I will be portraying a circus strongman with the tights and bare chest performing feats of strength. I think I shall raid the aluminum recycling bin for raw materials and fold “paper” airplanes out of the material from the cans, demonstrating strength with control after I use the grip strength of one hand to rip apart a can. That is actually easier than it sounds, what I do is grab the can with the top in my right palm and then use my fingers to fold the top over the side of the can by pushing the side under the top. This creates a stress about halfway down the side of the can that creates a tear in the metal. This still requires a great deal of grip strength but if you have the grip it really isn’t that hard. It’s more a function of finger length than grip strength, and my fingers are just barely long enough to do it.

Up first is a wreck from NC with 2 lots of links. Cyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run Crash and Cyclist Killed In Hit And Run In Davidson County From the comments it seems the rider was an “All The Gear. All The Time” rider who was always decked out in HiViz reflective wear and was doing everything a cyclist can do to prevent the wreck that killed him. Additional links trace the story as it developed. Highway Patrol Seeks Leads On Hit-And-Run Death and Man Charged in Fatal Hit-and-run that Killed Cyclist More Man turns himself in for fatal hit and run another one Man Surrenders In Fatal Hit-And-Run even more Man Charged In Hit And Run Death Of Richard Clay Wise yet another link Lexington man charged in fatal hit-and-run involving bicyclist Interesting thing is when I did a search for additional links I got 3 links about the investigating agency (NCHP) being investigated for misconduct in allowing DUI and other serious traffic offences to get off with a verbal warning. I get the feeling that as a result they will throw not just the book, but the book and several legal dictionaries plus a few Wikipedia articles at the driver that killed the cyclist.

Out in CA a drunk driver admits to killing a cyclist without admitting guilt. Drunk driver pleads no contest for ’09 crash that killed cyclist The good part is that the charges are serious enough to warrant a long prison sentence. The bad part is that under CA law the judge can give community service for all the charges. I hope that since the plea was “no contest” rather than “guilty” the judge decides to forgo community service for prison, but sentencing won’t be until December.

A LA cyclist is killed because the driver of a semi tractor could not see the cyclist stopped in front of him. Man hit, killed by truck at scrap yard Not much to say here except to be aware of your surroundings with good SA, the truck sitting behind you might pull away at any time.

An OH cyclist was hit from behind by a van. Sandusky Co.: Man struck by van while riding bike OK after dark without lights, but why was the lack of helmet important? Are people still under the impression that Magick Foam Hats will prevent motor vehicles from hitting cyclists?

Near WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell, a cyclist manages to get away with a few cuts and bruises after getting hit. Mustang versus bicycle accident leaves bike rider with minor injuries In this report who had the right of way was unreported, but the fact remains the cyclist was hit from the left which in the absence of traffic controls would indicate that he had the right of way over the car. I couldn’t get a hit on Google maps when I was composing this post, so just use intersection protocols and stay sharp out there to avoid a similar wreck.

A New York state cyclist is injured in a wreck with a Honda Accord. Cyclist Struck by Car on Montauk Highway From what I can tell the cyclist ignored a traffic control, or was too slow to make it more than halfway through the intersection before cross traffic had a green signal. Looking at the Google Street View of the site the cyclist looks to have been in the free right turn trying to get to the shopping center with the restaurant when he was hit, there is a traffic light and he was going from a large 4 lane highway that teed into a smaller but still 4 lane through highway. Or he could have been doing exactly what was stated in the report, trying to make a left turn from the westbound shoulder.

Hit-and-run update in Canuckistan. Police search for vehicle They know what kind of vehicle it was from the physical evidence, but the weapon vehicle has not been found yet. This was not the kind of wreck a cyclist could have avoided given the closing speeds involved because of the cyclist getting hit by a vehicle going the opposite direction. Assuming the cyclist wasn’t riding salmon this makes it much more likely that this was a deliberate attempt to kill the cyclist. More MAP: Saskatoon driver hits cyclist and speeds away and Police Seek Hit and Run Suspect

Moving to Oz, a senior cyclist is severely injured in a wreck. Elderly cyclist seriously injured in Lathlain crash Not much to go on here because of all the other wrecks competing for space, I hope the cyclist recovers from her broken bones.

Infrastructure! in Canuckistan. Cyclists and motorists have to be more aware of one another I certainly can’t argue with that, although I’m reasonably sure that cyclists on the road are quite aware of drivers (and their cars,trucks, and buses) around them.

Suing your Bicycle Repair Man? Cyclist Sues Halfords after Poor Repair causes Crash with Car

And we finish with a LifeStyle article. Bicycle Bash Aims to Educate, Entertain If they can convince another 5% of FL drivers that bicycles are legal road vehicles with a right to be in the lane, then they will have made a major impact on bicycle safety, otherwise it’s all just preaching to the choir.

And that’s all I have today, the rest were either UK or motorcycle wrecks.

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