Going to talk to politicians tonight, and the Feed

Tonight is the City Council meeting (the public one) and I need to bring something to their attention about the roads. Because of the severe drought we have been having here in the suburbs of Hell the roads have been torn apart by a well documented issue: our local soil has the highest expansion ratio of any soil in the world. Yes our Texas Black Gumbo changes size the most between bone dry and water saturated of any soil in the world, such that it tears apart houses and destroys roads, and the asphalt roads around here have been particularly hard hit this year with longitudinal cracks extending for hundreds of feet in a single crack that could be 3″ wide for most of its length. Even after the recent rains closed those cracks up there was still a hazard to bicycle navigation because after spreading the road bed apart to pull apart the road the full road bed didn’t make it all back under the road and left a long longitudinal ledge in the road about 1/3 of the lane from the shoulder. Even with the cracks closed they are still bicycle traps. The concrete roads did not escape damages but did not fare as bad as the asphalt roads, the concrete roads have cracks but no gaping bicycle traps or ledges. The thing is I don’t know what can be done to fix the roads other than digging them up and repaving them, which is not in the budget. The other problem is what is a death trap for a bicycle (or even small motorcycles) isn’t even noticed by people driving multi-track vehicles like cars and trucks. They won’t know why someone riding a bicycle is avoiding the right half of the lane and riding in the “middle” of the lane.

Up first is another link to the hit-and-run in FL of 2 cyclists hit from behind in the bike lane. Driver sought in Vero Beach hit-and-run that killed one bicyclist, hurt another I can see hitting one cyclist from behind as an “accident”, hitting 2 becomes a possible assault, when one of the 2 dies it’s either manslaughter or murder… Notice that the comments to this article have been disabled.

Two links to the story about a 82 YO cyclist hit from behind by an 18 YO driving a pickup truck off the road and into the shoulder. Bicyclist killed in Hwy. 1 accident on Mendocino Coast and Bicycling community mourns death of rider killed on Hwy. 1 I’m still trying to wrap my head around why hitting someone with a motor vehicle that has left the road is not a crime of negligence at the very least.

A MN man is being held without bail after running over a cyclist on his way to synagogue on Saturday. Mpls Bicyclist Hit & Run Suspect in Custody The driver had passed 3 vehicles at a high rate of speed when he returned to his proper lane just before hitting the cyclist who was crossing the road legally. As a cyclist there is no way to avoid a wreck like this because at some point you are going to have to cross a road, and there may be an idiot driving at a high rate of speed out of sight of the intersection but not far enough away for you to clear the intersection before they get there. I know how we could eliminate a lot of this stuff, but not all of it. People like this driver will still happen.

Another left-cross wreck in CA. Penngrove woman injured after being hit by truck Why are we paying for LEO that don’t know or understand the law? The law is very simple in this case: Vehicles turning left must yield to oncoming traffic, bicycles are legal traffic in CA, ergo the left-turning vehicle that hit the cyclist failed to yield to oncoming traffic and is at fault in this wreck and the driver gets a ticket for violating the cyclist’s right of way. QED

Another left cross, this time in VT. Child injured in Essex Junction bike accident At least in this case the driver was given a ticket. Intersection protocols in both wrecks just in case it might have done some good…

A school bus merges into a cyclist in NJ. School bus strikes, injures bicyclist This was one of those wrecks that a cyclist can’t avoid without the ability to teleport (and if you can teleport why are you riding a bicycle except for exercise?). You can’t accelerate to get away, you can’t brake and let the bus merge in front of you because you could come to a complete stop and still be beside the bus as it merged, if there was room to the side you might be able to move over fast enough to avoid the wreck, but since the link reported there were cars parked in the adjoining lane that’s out, too. Here’s hoping the cyclist recovers from what sounds like a head injury.

A cut-taxes-until-Gov’t-collapses state legislator comes face-to-pavement with the results of his philosophy while riding his bike. Assembly Speaker Injured in Bicycle Accident The Speaker’s face was rearranged by hitting the pavement after hitting a pothole with his bike.

A CO boy is blamed for a wreck because he wasn’t wearing a lighted clown suit while riding in the bike lane. Colorado State Patrol identifies boy injured while riding bicycle Sunday night in LaPorte The cyclist came off the bike lane for some reason, or the car went in the bike lane. The only other witness to the wreck hasn’t regained consciousness yet, so until that happens this is a SWSS wreck.

Outcomes in the UK Oxfordshire man jailed over cyclist drink-driving death and Three years in jail for drunk driver who killed teen cyclist in Oxfordshire Three years in jail and an additional 2 years without driving, for killing a man… Passenger jailed for covering up for boyfriend after he killed a cyclist in her car O.M.G. Lorry driver avoids jail over Ashford cyclist death Suspended sentence with community service for running a cyclist over from behind, TANJ! And Wirral motorist killed pensioner cyclist when he drove carelessly, court hears Arrest a man for driving while blind? Could you, please?

In Oz, a man getting knocked from his bike by a wire strung across the trail is a “mystery”. Mystery over North Adelaide cycling accident Apparently a triple-digit IQ is not a requirement to become a LEO in that jurisdiction.

Road Rage in Oz. Cyclist injured after act of ‘rage’ The driver knocked the cyclist down and stomped him because the cyclist yelled when he was passed dangerously close?

More about the cyclist hit by a logging truck in Enn Zed. Cyclist’s death raises safety issues One of the issues brought up was the cyclist was hit while riding in a bike lane, which the truck should never have been in.

Infrastructure! in the wake of the death of a female cyclist in the Great White North. Memorial service held for cyclist killed by truck and Cyclists ride in memory of Toronto woman; MP Chow urges wheel guards for trucks and Tories deflate proposed cycling safety law and still more Toronto cyclists, residents honour cyclist killed in “senseless” accident and the view from the UK of the subject Cycling safety takes centre stage in Canada after pregnant woman dragged to death under truck

Infrastructure news in the UK. Cyclists need a greater share of the roads to be safe and Second death on Bow Cycling Superhighway and Hundreds of cyclists join London ‘Tour du danger’

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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