Mule day again, plus 2 days’ links

Yes it’s Thursday again, time to shop for groceries, and after spending most of the day going to the meeting (over 2 hours on the bike, along with more than 90 minutes on trains, so about 6 hours commuting to attend a 2 hour meeting, I left at 1100 and didn’t get home until 2000 ) I didn’t have time to eat, filter the Feed and compose a blog post so those links will have to go on today’s post.

Up first by way of proximity is this report from Ft. Worth about a cyclist rendered hors d’ combat by a drunk driver. Euless police seek help in identifying cyclist hit by auto The driver was arrested and charged with what counts as an appropriate charge in TX. Hit=from-behind wreck, use the appropriate protocol.

A MO cyclist on an assisted bike (not known if this was E-assist or ICE assist) is hit from behind and hospitalized. Center teen hurt when truck hits motorized bike Again a hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols top avoid if it could have been avoided. Also every hit-from-behind wreck on a straight road with clear sight lines needs to be investigated as a possible assault with a deadly weapon. More Missouri Highway Patrol handles “unknown” motorized bike accident

Injured cyclist in CA. Bicyclist injured in hit-and-run collision Lots of witness reports, but no plate number of the weapon vehicle. Left cross wreck, use intersection protocols to avoid if at all possible to avoid. more links Hit-And-Run Driver Struck Cyclist on Mount Diablo Boulevard: Police and Walnut Creek police search for hit-and-run driver who injured bicyclist also Felony Hit & Run in Walnut Creek on Monday Afternoon Interesting that the last two links say this was a hit-from-behind wreck just before the weapon vehicle turned left. This puts an entirely different spin on the wreck…

Another cyclist that was hit by the right side of a left-turning vehicle, this time in AZ. Bicyclist critically hurt after getting caught under a Deer Valley school bus At this point I have no words, especially for the fireman that believed the cyclist should have been on the sidewalk.

Back to CA as lawyers wonder why drivers seem to have suddenly forgotten how to drive so as to not hit people walking or riding their bikes in a legal manner. Five Serious Accidents Involving Pedestrians and Bicyclists in San Jose During Evening Commute

A wreck that was related to bad road conditions. Professor injured in bike crash The rider bunny-hopped a pothole and the bike broke in half, no other vehicles involved. Apparently MO roads have turned to crap as gas taxes haven’t kept up with the costs to maintain roads.

A CT cyclist is killed in a wreck. Cyclist killed in crash, victim identified The cyclist was apparently riding salmon. The other possibility is the driver made a wide turnand hit the cyclist in the oncoming lane. The article did not blame the cyclist explicitly, so how they managed to hit head on is still a mystery.

Infrastructure! from NYC. Hundreds demand: Park must be safer! Basically everyone that isn’t in a car is at risk because of th4e infrastructure.

More infrastructure from Jolly Olde. Cyclist deaths: Defiant Boris Johnson defends TfL, and says “Lorry drivers to blame” and It’s not ghost bikes that put people off cycling and Opinion: London roads must be safer for cyclists and Cyclist’s fury at poor driving

Infrastructure from Enn Zed. Cyclists: Enough is enough

LifeStyle from CA. Museum to screen ‘Ghost Bikes’ documentary I find it interesting that the comments section has been disabled for this article about people getting killed on bicycles…

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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