Running late again, what do you mean get a life? And the Feed

I had to attend a class as an instructor this morning so I was a little late getting started filtering the Feed. I’m an instructor in the Excellence In Ritual training, where our congregation members learn how to do our Sunday Services. In these classes we teach the mechanics of doing Sunday services and full moons, the student is expected to bring his or her own theology (or thealogy as the case may be) and express that in service. My special niche is teaching what to do when things go pear-shaped, or as we refer to it “when Coyote comes to church”. I have had to deal with several minor and one major disaster during my services, including a medical emergency where a congregant expired during service. That is a real disruption to the service and trying to stay on message…

Up first is a report of 2 wrecks near a college in VA. Bike Rider Injured Near UVA’s Emmet Street Garage Two wrecks with no information aside from the fact that one cyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet! and the approximate locations. So how do you as a cyclist avoid a similar wreck? Damifino!

A SWCC in MI. Bicyclist Struck & Injured in Holland Twp. Crossing cyclists should be more aware of their surroundings, and drivers meed to be more aware of cyclists that are in the road. Needless to say without being able to see the bike after the wreck I place little stock in the story that the cyclist was crossing the road.

A DUI murder in PA. Bicyclist killed by out of control driver Hit-from-behind wreck, but the driver was in a place where a car should not be so no way to really avoid this wreck. Another link Alleged DUI Driver Hits, Kills Cyclist: Cops This was a driver you could only avoid by sheer luck.

Charges being brought against a man with a history of assaulting cyclists with or without his vehicle. Boulder DA: Christopher Loven to be charged in Lefthand cyclist death It’s only a misdemeanor, but it seems to be the stiffest charge that they can make stick.

A cyclist injured outside Washington DC offers a reward since LEO is not actively investigating the assault committed against him. $10,000 Reward Offered in Purported Hit-and-Run on GW Parkway The wanted poster being placed around the area Wanted Poster This was a wreck I covered back when it happened, total act of assault against a cyclist, which is going unprosecuted…

Final link is followup on a bike v ped wreck in NYC. Hit By A Cyclist, Prospect Park Pedestrian Sues City For $3 Million That’s the way it is today, sue anything that got close to the wreck…

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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