Smoke is the champion, and the Feed

Tony Stewart won the race last night, which was the only way he could win the championship without Edwards doing something stupid. Edwards didn’t do anything stupid, in fact he finished second in the race and tied on points, the first time in Cup history that this has happened. They had to use the first tie-breaker which under the new points system this year was wins in The Chase (last 10 races for those of you who don’t follow NASCAR). Since Tony won half the races in The Chase and Carl hasn’t won any that makes Tony “Smoke” Stewart the new Sprint Cup Champion, and the only man to win all 3 title sponsor’s trophies, Winston, Nextel, and now Sprint.

Up first, the driver who was bouncing off parked cars and driving on the wrong side of the street when he ran head-on into a cyclist killing him on the spot has been criminally charged in the incident. Ivyland Resident Charged In Fatal Hit-and-Run At least the charges are appropriate for the crime, Vehicular manslaughter and DUI homicide. There was no way to avoid this wreck by any normal cyclist, the dead cyclist was hit head-on in his own lane, and there were parked cars to the cyclist’s right that blocked his escape that way (that the drunk driver scraped and bounced off of after hitting the cyclist). The driver also hit and injured another driver who was delivering pizza, which just goes to show the excessive speed on the part of the drunk…Further checking has revealed that the driver in this wreck had just been released from a previous DUI charge. Second DUI in a Day Ends in Fatal Crash and Police: Second DUI in a day ends in fatal crash The cyclist was hit in the bike lane Cops: Ivyland driver DUI when he killed bicyclist in city Comments on that link indicate why there wasn’t a BAC% published with the initial report. I take back my initial reticence to become violent towards this perpetrator, just take him out back and shoot him in the head, or strangle him with a bicycle chain…

Another SWSS wreck in Phoenix, the report makes no sense at all. Cyclist killed in Phoenix accident The cyclist was west bound on a north/south street when he was hit mid-block by a south bound car? Since I don’t have access to the crime scene pictures I can’t say for certain what happened, but to put it mildly the wreck as described is highly unlikely.

A child on a bicycle pulls out in front of traffic outside of San Antonio TX, Boy on bike struck, critically injured The pictures of the scene show a driveway with terrible sight lines so the driver couldn’t see the cyclist coming, plus we’re talking a kid that doesn’t know to check for traffic before going into the road. I don’t blame the driver for this wreck.

A bicycle advocate is left-crossed while commuting by bicycle. Bicycle-commuting advocate won’t let crash slow her down Typical, the driver was not cited for the illegal turn that injured the cyclist and destroyed her bike. Intersection protocols to avoid a similar wreck.

A cyclist is injured in OR. Bicyclist dies a day after crash Whoops, that link changed between filtering and posting it, now the cyclist is dead from colliding with a vehicle driven by a drunk driver. More Man Accused of Hitting Bicyclist Will Be Arraigned on New Charges and Bicyclist Hit by SUV Dies in Eugene also UPDATE: Bicyclist dies after crash with DUII driver The cyclist was apparently hit from behind in the bike lane, so not much room to escape. The cyclist was already in bicycle infrastructure where no car was supposed to be so he had done everything he could to avoid the wreck.

A driver lies through his teeth trying to divert blame for hitting a sidewalk rider in TN. Driver hits bicyclist in Middle Valley Yeah, if the driver had “looked both ways” before turning then he wouldn’t have hit the kid on the bike.

Infrastructure! in NYC as parks have to deal with pavement markings that are only required because they allow commuting traffic in the parks for 4 hours a day during the week. Actress hit by cyclist sues New York City for $3million citing ‘negligent’ traffic enforcement and Prospect Park Takes Steps to Slow Cyclists also Pedestrian injured in collision with Park cyclist sues city

And from CA. Converging traffic: Cyclists, motorists jockey for space on Wine Country roads One girl in the article has been hit twice in 5 years in not-at-her-fault wrecks.

Also infrastructure news from FL. Mark DeCotis: Car-bicycle accidents are a troubling trend

And infrastructure news from the UK. Boris Johnson to urgently review Bow roundabout after double cyclist tragedy Amazing how professional traffic engineers couldn’t look at that intersection and tell it was going to get someone killed, but seasoned cyclists did the first time they saw it. Perhaps they should get bicycle infrastructure reviewed by people that actually ride bicycles as transportation, perhaps with something like the bicycle simulator in Portland OR with realistic levels of traffic before actually spending money on killer (literally) infrastructure?

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today,

Billed @$0.02, Opus (you know if I actually got paid those $0.02 for every news post I would have more than $20 now?)


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