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Pre-Thanksgiving Mule day duties, and the Feed

Since we have Thanksgiving on Thursday, Mule duties are being moved up a day so that the food for the feast can be cooked. The budget has been enlarged, and Mrs. the Poet and I are both bringing the army surplus rucks, along with the kitty-litter bucket panniers that will carry as much of the really heavy stuff as they can hold. With any kind of luck I will be able to get all the really heavy stuff except the turkey on the panniers, I already know the turkey won’t fit through the opening in the lid of the kitty-litter buckets.

Up first is a report on a man on a bicycle who was shot during a robbery attempt. Phoenix PD: Man shot, killed while riding bike to work The man was shot and was still able to ride to police before he collapsed from his bike, thereby proving the superiority of cyclists over drivers. Of course had he gotten medical attention right away instead of riding another mile or so from the crime scene he would have survived…

A cyclist riding with beer on his bike on the way home from the store was hit from behind by a speeding cop. Bicyclist Struck And Killed By Pembroke Pines Cop in Davie and Pines detective hits, kills cyclist and Bicyclist struck, killed in police-involved crash also Pembroke Pines cop strikes, kills bicyclist in Davie, police say still more Cops: South Fla. officer strikes, kills bicyclist I could never get an article to pull up that had pictures of the bike or the weapon vehicle, but the description of the cargo carried by the bicyclist varied from 2 cases of beer to 2 4-packs of beer, the direction of the bike was over a 180 degree arc from crossing one way to hit-from-behind to crossing the other way. Neither was it explained why an on-duty cop was driving around outside his jurisdiction, and exceeding the speed limit without flashing lights or a siren. Some of the comments are already screaming “cover-up”.

Still in FL, another SWCC or SWSS wreck. Police: Boynton Beach woman, 55, dies after riding bike into traffic If the report is accurate (remember this is a FL bike wreck) then don’t cross against the red to avoid a wreck like this.

Both the driver and his drunk-driving victim were from the same school in this wreck in OR. Driver, dead cyclist both UO students Hit-from-behind by a drunk driver in the bike lane, not much chance to avoid this wreck.

Finally a halfway appropriate sentence for killing a cyclist. Herschel Roberts found guilty in crash that killed Cleveland bicyclist The driver gets 3 years in prison and a lifetime ban from driving for a fatal right-hook of a cyclist while driving under the influence of pot. he will also be under 3 years of probation after his sentence which should keep him from driving for at least the next 6 years. More Truck driver headed to prison in vehicular homicide of cyclist, local bicyclist reacts

More on the road-raging driver that killed a cyclist during a left-cross incident. Christopher Loven to face careless driving count in truck/bike death that killed Eugene Howrey This was the minimum charge that could be brought, but the maximum one that the DA thinks he can get a conviction on.

A NYC cyclist is hit while riding home from his job. Queens Student Killed in Hit-and-Run While Cycling Home from Work Hit-from-behind by an (allegedly) stoned driver with no real escape route except the narrow shoulder. Not much the cyclist could do to avoid this wreck.

Apparently it is not against the law in that part of CA to go off the road and hit a cyclist from behind. Investigation ongoing in death of cyclist near Fort Bragg Well maybe it is against the law some of the time but maybe not this time?

A wreck in NC that just defies explanation as a man is tasered off his moving bicycle by a cop. Halifax County man dies after being shot with stun gun The cop never tried to pull in front of the cyclist or even along side the cyclist until he was already committed to using the taser on the operator of a moving vehicle. The comments on the article are mostly that the cop was either stupid or psycho for tazing a developmentally challenged individual with bad hearing and subject to seizures while he was riding a bike, when he could have just driven in front of him, gotten out of the car and stopped the cyclist. More links Cause of death ruling could take three months also SBI Now Investigating Halifax County Stun Gun Death lots of comments comparing the LEO with Barney Fife and SBI probing use of stun gun on NC man who died and also Family: Police Should Never Have Tased Him Some of those links had pictures of the dead cyclist, and to be honest he looks very dangerous, to a good meal. I would estimate his weight at maybe 100 pounds (45 kilos) if you hosed him down in heavy clothes first. One article said he might have weighed as much as 130 pounds (55 kilos).

A candlelight vigil for a cyclist killed in PA. Candlelight vigil tonight for cyclist killed in Kensington This was the cyclist killed by a driver who was bouncing off the parked cars on the other side of the bike lane the cyclist was riding in.

Another cyclist is killed in a hit-and-run in the Great White North. Hit and run kills Quebec teen I don’t care where the cyclist was riding, hit-and-run makes it the fault of the driver for not staying there to render aid. At this time the direction of travel for the victim has not been released, but the fact that bits of the weapon vehicle are being analysed to determine the make of the vehicle tells me this was not just a brush-by hit-and-run, the driver had to know he hit something substantial. Since there were no pictures of the bike I can’t say how another cyclist could have avoided this wreck.

A women in Enn Zed confesses to being guilty in the death of a cyclist, judge overlooks because of windshield perspective. Woman didn’t see cyclist she hit and killed If you don’t see a cyclist you are by definition driving carelessly and have confessed to the crime this driver is charged with. The cyclist’s blinky light was embedded in the windshield of the weapon vehicle with good batteries found at the scene that were the proper size for the blinky light, plus the cyclist had a light on the back and front of his helmet. If the driver couldn’t see him she was by definition driving carelessly.

Infrastructure! from GA. Broadnax Mill Road to Get Warning Signs After the Death of Cyclist Not increased enforcement against dangerous drivers, but a few signs that they have targets to hit. Thanks oodles, GA…

Infrastructure in Canuckistan. Ladysmith sidewalk’s are for pedestrians only Apostrophe abuse in the headline. I don’t like sidewalk cycling, but if there are a lot of sidewalk cyclists that mean the streets are crap for cycling, fix the streets.

More infrastructure news from the UK as things are getting worse for TfL. Bow Roundabout: Bike deaths prompt HGV review Now they are trying to deflect inquiry away from the terrible road design to the HGV that killed 7 of the 8 cyclists killed in London so far this year. Deck chairs on the Titanic.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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