What are you thankful for?

On this day of thanks there will be no links to bike wrecks, just a list of things I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful that I survived an angry man that tried to kill me ten years ago, first and foremost. Had I not survived that I wouldn’t have been able to do what little good I have been able to do these days.

I am thankful for “my smoking hot wife” to borrow a phrase. She doesn’t consider herself to be “smoking hot” or more than lukewarm at best, but she isn’t the best judge of that.

I am thankful for all my bikes, even the ones that aren’t rideable at the moment. Having bikes that are not rideable gives me something to occupy my mind and hands when I’m not working on this blog, and keeps me closer to not going nuts from the high levels of stupidity I find in the Feed (and let me tell you I see a lot of stupid stuff that doesn’t make this blog because it isn’t even remotely about bicycles).

I’m thankful for my church, because without it I would have near zero social interactions. Because of my brain damage I don’t interact well with other people and would tend to avoid what little I would get outside of church.

And I’m really thankful for this blog, my outlet for my frustration and a way to give back to the community. Really, without this blog I would have just lost the will to live long ago. Having this blog gives me a purpose to my days, a reason to get up in the morning. Otherwise I would just spend all day in bed or surfing porn on the net. You guys are what gets me up in the morning, because the thought that I can help save someone’s life with a concrete reminder of the stupid things people do around and on bikes is all I have anymore to keep me going. So, don’t any of you guys get killed, OK?

PSA, Opus

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