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You know some people have terrible jobs because that was all they could find. I went and deliberately created this terrible job. Every once in a while I get to relate something nice to you but usually the best I can give you is like the Tasha Borland initial sentence of 24 years minimum for killing 2 bicyclists. And the stuff I read about the motorcycle riders is just horrific, they are held only slightly higher in esteem than us and get about the same treatment from LEO in a wreck as we do (their fault for being there without a car around them…). And the pay really sucks most of the time, I do this for donations, or mostly free. But as I said in yesterday’s post, doing this gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning, so it’s not the pay, it’s the satisfaction.

Up first is a physical example of why MS passed a 3-foot to pass law, that isn’t being enforced. Columbus cyclist hit by vehicle I’m just so angry about this, she sideswiped the cyclist, which is a clear violation of the MS 3-feet to pass law that went into effect this year, and not even a ticket because she used the universal “Get Out of Jail Free” card “I didn’t see him”. Could we get some LEO in the state of Mississippi that know the law and apply it?

Closer to home the “cyclist ran a red light” meme in Houston. Bicyclist injured in crash on Sawyer I’m still dealing with some residual anger over the previous link because I only half believe that the cyclist actually ran that red light given that they don’t state the direction of travel for the cyclist. The comments section points out why cyclists have a hard time following road rules in Houston, because when they do there are so many people that try to run them off the road.

More news about the cyclist killed by a cop in FL. Bicyclist Fatally Hit By Pembroke Pines Cop Was Drunk: Cops What I found interesting is that when tox tests are needed to establish that a driver was impaired when killing a cyclist the tests take weeks to come back, but this one that was required to clear a cop came back within hours… Just sayin’

And the US isn’t the only place where a cyclist doesn’t get justice when killed or seriously injured, read this link from the UK. 85-year-old driver who drove on for three miles after killing cyclist escapes jail The driver had to be told by his wife that he had just hit 5 cyclists, when she recovered enough to speak. So the best thing that came from this was he will be banned from driving for the next 10 years. can we all say it together now? TANJ!

A trial still under way in the UK shows that drivers of large vehicles with even bigger blind spots are frequently careless about making sure those blind spots are cleared. Driver in crash that killed cyclist ‘failed to check blind spot’ This will probably go down as another SMIDSY case with little or no penalty against the driver that killed a cyclist. Because this is am ongoing trial comments on the article have been blocked.

A driver in Oz that hit 2 cyclists and killed one while mutilating the other has won an appeal to reduce his sentence. Jail term reduction for driver who killed cyclist I don’t know why he got a reprieve for destroying 2 lives… The excuse that they had never put anyone away that long for killing a cyclist before doesn’t cut it with me.

Infrastructure in WI as an injured cyclist settles over a bike trail that crumbled under his tires and caused a serious injury wreck. Black Hawk County settles lawsuit over bike trail spill Given that the settlement was for only half the cyclist’s medical bills and that a crumbling trail surface was the direct cause of the wreck, these guys are getting a good deal.

More on those lawsuits over park safety in NYC, well another link at any rate. City Getting Sued Over Cyclist Collisions in Prospect and Central Parks Part of the problem is the roads are marked for the short amount of time that cars are allowed in the park with few signs and none actually on the road explaining how things work without the cars. This is like the 15 MPH speed limit for bicycles when cars aren’t present that isn’t actually posted on the park roads which makes enforcing that law… problematic. Rules that change depending on the time of day that are not posted where they will apply are rules that will be ignored.

Trying to get underrun guards mandatory in Canada. Councillor wants to push feds for bike safety The guards would protect anyone in a vehicle smaller than a semi truck from getting rolled over by the back wheels of a truck large enough to require the guards, which is about 90% (at a rough guess) of the vehicles on the roads. And the devices would save fuel when they weren’t preventing people from getting run over by big trucks, so why the resistance?

Death by crappy roads from the UK. Cyclist died after being thrown from her bike at 35mph when she hit a pothole I noticed that the fact that she wasn’t wearing a helmet when she went down at 35 MPH was pretty much a non-starter in the blame game.

More infrastructure news from the UK as the LCC shows a design for the bow roundabout that is 100% better than the existing design but still very dangerous. LCC reveals how Bow roundabout could have looked had TfL heeded safety advice They have bike/ped signals but I don’t see motor vehicle signals. I assume there are such but the place would still give me the heeby-jeebies to ride through it, and I have been riding a bicycle on the street since LBJ’s first term in office, or more than 47 years. The “improved” design would require waiting for 3 lights and a dangerous merge to continue straight, or 4 lights and that dangerous merge to turn right (remember they drive on the wrong side of the road in the UK).

An infrastructurey story from Oz about moving the bike lanes away from parked cars after a driver kills a cyclist by opening a door into him as he passed. Cyclist’s death a catalyst for change

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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