Is it December already? And the Feed

All I can say is “What happened to November?” And I still have to mow the lawn here in the suburbs of Hell as the weather is not cold enough to make the grass go dormant. It’s kind of a wash though as the drought this summer made a period of more than 2 months that I didn’t have to mow the lawn because it had stopped growing, so I exchange a 2 month gap in the summer mowing for having to mow the lawn in December. I know one thing for sure, mowing the lawn in December is a lot more comfortable than mowing the lawn when it’s 110°F in July and August. And also today being Thursday I have mule duties to perform to make sure there is food to eat in this house. Today’s shopping list is so short after the mess I hauled home last week that I will be doing the shopping by myself, I was given a list to purchase, most of which I eat almost exclusively (as in this is going to be my food that nobody else likes that we ran out of this week, so I have to buy it and bring it home myself).

Up first by reason of proximity to WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell is a hit-and-run driver getting caught down the road in Temple TX. Temple: Woman Charged After Hit-And-Run Driver Strikes Bicyclist It always amazes me how many people are up and paying attention when someone gets hit in the wee hours of the morning, even in TX. You would not believe the number of people who watched the guy that tried to kill me pull that U-turn at 0115. I could hear about 20 different voices as I lay on the street before I was loaded into the ambulance. In this case there were enough people awake that a detailed description of the weapon vehicle was given to LEO who found the vehicle a short distance away in a mobile home park in spite of the wreck taking place @0315 in a small town in TX. Who was doing what was not included in the article so I can’t say how you could avoid a similar wreck. Just keep your SA up to avoid idiots in cars…

Another report on the woman that was Jerry Browned by a SUV in CA. CYCLIST INJURED IN COLLEGE AREA If I wasn’t already familiar with this wreck I wouldn’t have been able to tell you anything from this report. This was the wreck where there was no room to pass because of an oncoming vehicle in the other lane, but the doofus driver tried to pass anyway. This should be at a minimum a vehicular assault with wanton disregard for human life as an aggravating circumstance, but most likely there won’t even be a ticket for the unsafe pass.

Update on the assault with a motor vehicle in MD just outside Washington DC. Reward Offered for Hit-and-Run Driver At this point it looks like a deliberate assault with an attempt at a second shot from the driver on the injured cyclist. I suggest bringing them the head of the driver with or without the rest of the body. Hint: heads are a lot easier to transport if you remove the rest of the body first. That part won’t get posted to the wreck thread…

A combination of a wreck report and a call for improved infrastructure in Canuckistan. Cyclists demand more protection after man killed in collision with semi-trailer This is another wreck that could have been reduced from a fatality to minor injuries by installing side guards on trailers to prevent cyclists, pedestrians and even small cars from being caught under the wheels of oversized vehicles. The cyclist was hit-from-behind by the trailer which means the truck was passing way too close in the first place.

A wreck in Enn Zed. Cyclist injured in collision Notice that because he wasn’t wearing a helmet he was partially to blame for the wreck? But if you read the report, the van was at a NZ version of a yield sign when the cyclist entered the intersection on the cross street. This tells me that the van driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic and was mostly at fault for the wreck, not the cyclist. To avoid use intersection protocols and maintain a high level of SA.

A German cyclist who entered a coma in the US is returned to Germany still in the coma. Comatose German cyclist Michael Sprick to head home The cyclist was hit-from-behind by a semi that had drifted at about 55 MPH into the shoulder where the cyclist was riding while the driver was doing “something” inside the truck. Use hit-from-behind protocols to avoid a similar situation.

As the number of cyclists increases in the Wasatch Front, conflicts also increase. McEntee: Cyclists and drivers, watch out for each other From what I could gather from the article the author was mostly about telling cyclists to wear helmets rather than drivers to stop hitting cyclists.

A list (with pictures and video) of the most dangerous places to ride a bike in SF. Most Likely Places To Be Injured in a Bicycle Accident In San Francisco”

In contrast to that the DA is strengthening the legal infrastructure when vehicle operators kill. DA’s Office Filing Criminal Charges Against Pedestrian-Killing Drivers, Cyclists I think the reason the DA’s office is going after the drivers is because of the outcry about the cyclist that killed a pedestrian, because they couldn’t go after the cyclist and continue to ignore all the killer drivers. Regardless, prosecution against these drivers was sorely needed.

In contrast to SF increasing prosecutions against killer drivers, NYPD just can’t be bothered to even investigate enough to permit a prosecution. NYPD’s Handling Of Traffic Crash Investigations Will Be Investigated Even in cases where a driver kills other motor vehicle occupants NYPD fails to deliver enough evidence for the DA to prosecute. I mean there was a case where a driver was doing in excess of 100 MPH when he hit another vehicle and killed some of the occupants and no evidence was delivered to the DA to file charges. Many wrecks never even get a report filed in spite of fatalities involved, a violation of NY state laws.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today, and boy did I throw a lot of fits while reading the Feed…

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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