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Well-fed after my Mule Day duties, and the Feed

We ran out of the food that I’m the only one to eat, normally. For some reason my 3-month supply of peanut butter ran out a month and a half too soon, but the rest of the stuff we ran out of was perishable and has to either be consumed or tossed out before it goes bad. We can only get a week’s worth at a time because it won’t last any longer. But I had my daily portion of the healthy fats found in the peanut butter on whole wheat bread with a little touch of honey to go with my coffee this morning, so I’m good for a while.

The Feed was abnormally light today with only 6 links total, I usually have to go through in excess of 20 to mine the nuggets I present to you daily.

The only wreck report today was a CHP officer injured after leaving the previous bike wreck sitting in the bike path for another cyclist to hit. CHP officer blind-sided, hit by bicyclist Seriously not even a marker or any kind of warning that the path was blocked, and they want to try to blame the cyclist that hit him? “(A)nother bicyclist suddenly came around a blind corner, rode up on the wheel of Littlethunder’s disabled bike, and launched in the air, directly at Zaugg.” Anyway, to avoid modulate your speed when coming to blind corners on the bike path.

Everything else in the Feed was Infrastructure! of one kind or another, mostly of the legal kind.

From NYC, cops are setting up road blocks and speed traps for cyclists because there were 2 (two) people injured in collisions with bikes as they jaywalked either in the bike lane or in the main road during car-free times in the park. Bikelash! Cops say they’ll crack down on speeding cyclists The really interesting thing for me is these speed traps vanish when cars are allowed in the park, and tickets for cyclists apparently start at +1MPH where for motor vehicles they have to be +10MPH to be valid. I see this as a huge civil rights issue for the city as all of these tickets are challenged for technical reasons (are the radar guns certified to accurately track the speed of a person riding a bicycle? And why is the tolerance for motor vehicles 10 times as large as the tolerance for bicycles when bicycles are harder to get a reading from because of being a smaller target with a reduced radar reflectivity compared to a motor vehicle).

More on the NYPD not protecting cyclists or pedestrians against killer drivers. In Lefevre Case, NYPD Press Statements Don’t Match NYPD Crash Report I have a link to the report that I got late yesterday but it is included in this article. The wreck report has only a passing resemblance to what was reported in the media about this wreck, mostly about the vehicles, the name of the victim and driver, and the address of the wreck. I mean seriously WTF? The report shows a hit from behind wreck with the bumper of the truck, had the cyclist been running a red light he would have been doing so in an attempt to escape the truck running him down and also ignoring the red light. And that brings into question if the cyclist knew he was about to get run down how could he have known that unless the driver indicated he wasn’t going to stop (i.e. horn)?

NYPD isn’t the only ones that do this, as this article from South Africa points out. Cyclists question justice system Seriously, they got all the way to trial on charges and LEO refused to present evidence to the prosecution? And nobody went to jail for obstructing justice, ever? TANJ!

And that’s all I have today.

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