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Already been a long day and I’m not half done yet, and the Feed

Well it’s just after noon as I post this, and already I have had a long day. I’m still working on just the one bike ride so far today , but I had a busy morning at church with a class and a meeting to attend. The class was a qigong (chi-gong) meditation with breathing exercises followed by a stretch. The meeting was the writer’s group exchanging ideas and encouragement. All told I spent just over 3 hours at church today and I have a D&D game this evening that will probably eat a few more hours. But my choices are either do the classes and meetings on Saturday, or not have any interaction with people outside my house.

Up first is a highly improbable wreck from NJ. Bedminster bicyclist killed after crash with truck in Far Hills BikingInLA calls this wreck “physically impossible”, but I can see how it could have happened, if you consider the “rear” of the vehicle to be anything behind the rear wheels including the fenders. From the description of the wreck things went bad well before the bike hit the truck, but from looking at the site in Google Maps I can’t see the “extreme curve” the cyclist was supposed to have lost control on before riding off the road and hitting the truck. Also I don’t see how the cyclist could have lost control because there is a long straight stretch going downhill before the minor curve shown by the wreck site indicated on the map (I’m having to use topgraphic clues from the map to determine up and down hill directions since I can’t get the topo version of the map to pull up from the article). I can’t determine how steep the road was, but without a gale-force tailwind I don’t see how this could have happened. Not because the bike hit the back of the truck in the oncoming lane, but because the surviving witness claimed the bike was riding at a high rate of speed on a road that doesn’t appear to be steep enough to create that kind of speed with a bike with a 52 YO “motor”.

The driver that killed Moroccan immigrant Amine Britel while she drove in a bike lane drunk and texting, is being tried for manslaughter charges with enhancing contingencies that raise the charge to gross vehicular manslaughter. Driver accused of killing cyclist will stand trial Drunk and texting and hitting the cyclist from behind in the bike lane, why is she still living? Just take her to a TV studio and execute her on live TV on every channel, or like I have written before handcuff her to the steering wheel of her beloved car and run the car through a shredder with her in it… Alternatively she could serve 87600 hours of community service, or 1 hour of community service in exchange for 1 hour of not sitting in prison for the next 10 years, BTW that’s the number of hours in a 10 years at 24 per day. That way we the taxpaying people don’t have to pay to feed and house her butt while getting something useful out of her.

Still in CA the CHP is trying to look like they’re doing something about car on bike wrecks> CHP to launch safety initiative for cyclists (M)any cyclists report that the CHP and other law enforcement are reluctant to hear about incidents involving drivers endangering cyclists. And that is more than half the problem. If reporting assaults and other threatening activity doesn’t get anywhaere, then cyclists will stop reporting dangerous drivers, many already have.

A WI cyclist is injured by a hit-and-run driver. Man on bike hurt in hit-and-run accident in Beloit The description of the damages and location sounds like a hit-from-behind wreck on the approach to or departure from an intersection, use hit-from-behind protocols to prevent yourself from becoming the next victim.

An IN cyclist is hit-from-behind by a truck, cyclist was not dressed like a glow-in-the-dark clown so no charges or tickets against the truck driver. Indiana News Briefs | Bicyclist killed when hit by dump truck Note the only thing mentioned was the cyclist’s clothing, nothing about the truck’s lights…

Infrastructure! in GA, not that it will do any good. Share the Road Signs Up On Broadnax Mill Road The problem is “Share the Road” signs are frequently interpreted by drivers as “Bicycles get the hell out of the way” rather than “Bicycles are allowed to use the roads, too”. A better choice would have been this sign or even better the sign in this article. How modern traffic signs are born: ‘Bikes may use full lane’

LifeStyle from Canuckistan as an injured cyclist says “I’m covered, give the money to this guy’s family”. Injured cyclist diverts offers of help to family of late Denis Ross The rider is still having “issues” with the driver’s insurance company, perhaps the adjuster needs to find a horse’s head in his bed?

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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