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Still really chilly here, and the Feed

I realize that part of the problem here is I have gotten old and no longer have the cold tolerance I had even just a few years ago, and another part of the problem is I lack the proper clothing for dealing with this cold. I still don’t have a winter helmet to wear (hint, hint) or more than one outfit that works below freezing. Much of what I wear in cold weather is improvised from what I have on hand, including long sleeved T-shirts I got for donating blood or working some event, women’s long underwear I got to fit over my cycling-enhanced butt (I wear a size 16, LOL) and other clothes that were not intended to be worn in cold weather that combined with more clothes that were not intended to be worn in cold weather can be used in cold weather (AKA hyper-layering). As I posted a while back when I was getting my winter clothes ready we don’t usually get much extended cold weather here, and our stores are not stocked to deal with it. Instead we get clothes that look like winter clothes that have no actual warmth or insulation qualities to them. They are glorified raincoats if they have any water repellency qualities at all, otherwise they are psychological winter wear for people that don’t actually experience real winter.

Up first is a situation that can be defined as the epitome of irony, no make that Irony with a capital iron. Cyclist Hit by Van During Cops’ Crackdown in Prospect Park That’s right, during the car-free time for the park with an army of cops watching, a cyclist was hit-and-run by a van driver and seriously injured, and the driver managed to get away un-noticed by any cops. Can somebody PLEASE! file a civil rights suit against these clowns like yesterday? This is unacceptable that a flagrant violation by a motor vehicle is ignored while minor technical violations are being enforced against the victims.

Still in NYC the driver accused in the hit-and-run of a Canadian cyclist invokes the Bart Simpson defense in his case. Driver Who Killed Williamsburg Cyclist Says There’s No Proof He Was Driving In case you’re too young or too old the Bart Simpson defense is “I didn’t do it, nobody saw me, can’t prove a thing”. More After a Son Is Killed, Facing a Police Runaround

A GA cyclist gets hit and the driver invokes the Get Out of Jail Free card. Cyclist Hit by SUV Driver, Delays His Plans to Fly The driver “failed to see” the cyclist and faces no charges in the wreck. Hit-from-behind protocols apply in this case, the cyclist was riding too far to the right which prevented the driver from noticing he was there.

Another AZ cyclist is hit-and-run. Bicyclist Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver Another drunk or stoned driver hits another cyclist in the bike lane, shades of Tasha Borland. And the laundry list of offenses: Passing on the right, passing in a bike lane, hitting a vehicle from behind, leaving the scene of a wreck without tendering aid, driving too fast for conditions… As for avoiding this one, not possible. The cyclist was already using bicycle infrastructure and there was a curb to his right, placing him already in the escape zone for avoiding cars. I’m still shocked that Phoenix LEO are pressing charges of assault with a deadly.

A UT cyclist runs into sidewalk furniture avoiding pedestrians and dies from the injuries. Multiple accidents leave 1 dead, others critically injured Lots of other wrecks in this report that are “questionable”, like the driver that hit the skateboarder because he had sun in his eyes at 4PM when sunset is at about 5:30 or so? Anyway to avoid a similar wreck as the cyclist in this case, don’t ride on the sidewalk.

A case that has been causing a bit of buzz over on BikePortland, a cyclist apparently runs a stop sign and a city bus has to make a sudden stop. Bicyclist blows stop sign in downtown Portland, leading to injured riders on TriMet bus And the comments section quickly degraded to an argument about licensing bicycles. To avoid is a simple matter of not running stop signs or waiting for a bigger gap in this case, as some watching the video claim the cyclist can be seen at a full stop then pulling in front of the bus.

Still trying to identify the cyclist killed in Guelph. Guelph cyclist killed This is why you need to carry ID that can’t get lost in a wreck. I use a set of custom dog tags from an Army/Navy store, but for those with more money I suggest the RoadID system as you can link your medical records to your ID so that doctors will be better able to treat you in a wreck.

In far West Canuckistan LEO are still trying to figure out what happened in a wreck between a cyclist and a dump truck. Witnesses sought for collision that killed cyclist Apparently the bicycle was too badly mangled by secondary collisions with the truck after the first impact to determine direction of impact. I hate it when that happens, not just because of the mess it makes of the cyclist but because then you have to depend on the only surviving witness, the driver of the weapon vehicle who in this case did not even know he had hit the cyclist. He claimed he never saw the cyclist on the road before the wreck and never felt the wreck happen. As a former truck driver I know a fully loaded truck drives, well like a truck, and that the weight difference between a bicycle and a fully loaded dump trailer would tend to damp out any felt impact to nothing. Heck, I know a driver that ran over a cinder-block shed in the lot and never knew it because he was right at the 80K pound limit. He destroyed that building and it didn’t even spill his cup of coffee in the cab.

Anther report on the woman injured in a collision with a bicycle in Oz. Elderly woman unconscious and unidentified after bike accident Now the report is the woman stepped in front of the cyclist as a tram was pulling into the stop, giving the cyclist no time to react before hitting the pedestrian.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today.

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