Up way too early for a Saturday, and the Feed

The cat decided that I had spent enough time in bed and that it was now time for me to pay attention to him, so I had to get up. Even if I had locked the cat out of the bedroom I would have had to get up and remove the cat from the bed and the room and then shut the door, by which time I would have been awake and up enough to not be able to get back to sleep. So I got up about 4 hours earlier than normal for a Saturday. I think this will be another 2 pot of coffee day, as I only got a little over 4 hours of sleep…

The Feed today consisted of exactly two links, one of which was a motorcycle wreck in Oz. Then we have this wreck of a sidewalk cyclist in Upstate NY. Bicyclist killed after sliding under dump truck Apparently this cyclist discovered he was having a brake failure while he was going downhill and tried to drag his feet to stop but the dump truck pulled out in front of him without checking to make sure the sidewalk was clear of traffic. When police got there to check out the bike the brakes were in pieces, and from what I could see of the bike in the picture the wheels were not so hot either. one good thing about this article was that someone recognized that a bicycle helmet is useless in a wreck with a dump truck, even an empty dump truck.

Tonight I have a very full schedule. At 1830 I have our monthly Vegetarian Pot Luck and in conjunction with that I have a Faith Development meeting where we decide who does what service when. After the meal we have a Full Moon Service at 2000 which I will only be attending as a congregant this month, not as a ritualist. I don’t have another Full Moon for quite a while.

And that was all the news, pretty much.

Billed @$0.02, Opus


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