A desire to help, and a request, Wreck-free Sunday

Sometimes I ask for little things here in this blog, lights, maybe a helmet liner, nothing really expensive but I ask because I don’t have the money to get things on my own.

Now I’m asking for something really big, so that whatever else I need I can get it on my own from my own resources. And if I get this thing lots of other people will benefit from it. I’m asking for a job.

I’m not asking for just any old job making metric buttloads of money. I’m asking for a particular job, a job that doesn’t exist yet that can help save lives and save money. Someone mentioned that NCTCOG is considering adding an actual cyclist to their review process to go over transportation projects as they are created and make sure they are safe to ride a bicycle on or designed in such a way that people on bicycles can get to where they need to go without using them directly. This can save lives, time, and money because making sure a project will work for everybody before it gets built means that other projects to fix the problems caused by the first project aren’t needed and that money can go to solving other problems.

Now the problem for me is at this point the job is not even a written proposal. It is a detailed suggestion, written around my qualifications, of something that is needed. I need for that suggestion to go all the way to fully-funded position, with me doing that job. How can this happen? The idea is for me to have meaningful work that saves lives and saves money, lives of people that use the projects, lives of people that don’t use the projects but start cycling because the projects help create a safe environment for riding a bicycle, and everybody’s tax dollars.

You want safe places to ride a bicycle in North Texas? You want the most good with the least expenditure of tax money when these projects are built? Help me figure out how to get this job.

PSA, Opus


2 responses to “A desire to help, and a request, Wreck-free Sunday

  1. I suggest finding out exactly *who* in the decision making chain of command would be open to the idea. Think long term, too. ‘Round here, we have made more progress in town A than town B… but have kept nudging and asking and getting bike-friendly people onto planning things and finally (thanks to the Tea Party, actually) a new mayor. When you already are on good speaking terms with a lot of people they are less likely to see you as somebody pushing your little agenda upon them, but we still do hear people saying that cyclists are an over-represented teeny tiny minority around here that simply by getting five people to show up for council meetings gets stuff pushed through (like bike lanes and our nifty little “bike repair stands”). Um, yea, we are still basically batting ZERO in getting *anybody* held responsible for killing people with their motorized vehicles, no matter how stark and egregious (downloading ring tones, reading maps and the like), but… we keep on.


    • Right now this is a “suggestion” with nobody taking responsibility for it. I was told about it as I was getting ready to leave from the BPAC meeting. The NCTCOG is the Metropolitan area planning group that divies out the Federal funds and approves environmental impact reports to the various cites in the area. The NCTCOG covers an area as large and populous as Massachusetts, with fewer bike lane miles than the city of Boston, so I would have a lot of work to do at least in the short term. Probably in the long term as well.


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