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Getting busy in the “real world”, and the Feed

I do have a life away from this computer, sometimes. Today is one of those times. After I do the post I will need to go to Cathedral of Hope to rehearse my bit in the Earth Rhythms Winter Solstice Celebration. I’m not going to be onstage this year, I’m taking a year off to recuperate from the thrash of last year (we made a bicycle towed float only to find that it wouldn’t fit going around the corner I had to turn at the front of the stage from the aisle coming up through the audience, and had to redesign the float as a costume I could wear riding Blue, in about 2 weeks after spending all summer building the float). All I’m doing this year is ushering, but Ill need to find out what we are doing this year as there will be 2 performances instead of the single one we had in years previous.

Up first because I like it when we win, the man that put down tacks to flatten bicycle tires near Va. Beach VA is convicted and sentenced. Va. Beach man convicted in tack attack on bicyclists I think he got off easy as there could have been many deaths from people getting flat tires and losing control in front of moving motor vehicles. I’m also wondering why he wasn’t charged with federal anti-terrorist violations as he was trying to change behavior with violence directed against a group… I think the possibility of the federal charges was a large influence in pleading guilty and paying for all the damaged tires and medical bills of the injured parties, all 43 of them.

Another cyclist that was lit like a Christmas tree and covered in reflective gear is hit-from-behind, this time in OH. Bellevue woman hit on bike, seriously injured(N)o charges have been filed at this time, the patrol said.” [Angry stream of unintelligible syllables] Seriously, this bit has to stop. If a driver hit a brightly lighted and reflectored cyclist from behind that driver violated at least one law, most likely 2 or 3 at once. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, assuming that this idiot wasn’t aiming for the cyclist.

A SWCC wreck in Phoenix AZ. Police searching for family of injured man Since the only picture in this article is one of the victim in happier days I can’t say how truthful this report is, but given details like he was behind a truck when he crossed I would classify this as a hit-from-behind wreck by an inattentive driver. Apply the usual protocols.

While NYPD is busy handing out tickets to cyclists they were apparently too busy to stop and arrest the drivers of motor vehicles in parks during non-motor vehicle times. Prospect Park Bikepocalypse Continues: Another Cyclist Injured This was a different hit-and-run then the grey van incident, which means there were at least 2 motor vehicles driving around during the car-free period while NYPD was blocking the entrances to the parks. Can you say lawsuit? I can, “Civil rights lawsuit, constitutional protections of equal enforcement of laws.”

Another of those “red light running” cyclists gets hit. Kenosha police report bicyclist critically injured in weekend crash If the cyclist really ran the red, his bad. Don’t run red lights. I know at least one vehicle ran a red light in this wreck, and cyclists have a reputation for running red lights because so many lights won’t change when a cyclist is alone trying to cross an intersection. But I don’t believe that every intersection wreck involving a red light is the fault of the cyclist. I accept that some are because cyclists are human beings with human failings. BUT NOT EVERY TIME THERE IS A WRECK IN AN INTERSECTION CONTROLLED BY A TRAFFIC SIGNAL!

A wreck that quite simply boggles the mind in the degree of callousness it shows. Driver U-turns to look at cyclist he hits, then flees Not only did he know he hit the cyclist, he turned around to get a better look at his handiwork before leaving. Unfortunately his truck will be hard to find amongst all the other trucks in Singapore because that is not unusual damage.

Infrastructure! from Canuckistan. Pedalling change for cycling safety I agree with the lone comment visible when I read the article, many of the hot spots are caused by a congregation of cyclists in the area particularly the bridge that is the only way in or out of some areas without a 20 mile detour around the inlet it crosses, but that is no reason to not try to improve the infrastructure in that area. If anything it means there is more work yet to be done making the area safe for cyclists.

Final link, why the double standard for cyclists and drivers? Brilliant Reader Comment: The Double Standard on Bike/Car Behavior

That’s all the news that gives me fits.

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