I’m going to resemble that one-armed wallpaper hanger this week, and the Feed

Yes, my normally quiet, contemplative existence is disrupted this week as I get ready for two major celebrations this weekend, winter solstice and my wife’s birthday. I already mentioned going to rehearsal for the major community solstice celebration. Well we are also putting on a surprise birthday party for my wife as part of the service this Sunday. Since we still don’t have the oven working yet (we have the money set aside, the guy just never seems to show up) I’ll have to borrow the church’s oven to make the cake on Friday before I usher at the solstice that night, then frost and decorate the cake Saturday before I usher the Saturday (the first time ever) SoltiCelebration performance. I’m very excited to be connected with all 3 of these events, but their proximity has things a trifle hectic around here.

Since I was mentioning the SoltiCelebration in the previous paragraph, I should also mention the crappy day I had for the rehearsal. First of all it was misting rain at about 60°F, and as it would have been dark and I didn’t know the way to Cathedral of Hope I exercised the better part of valor and took our local mass transit agency services to the location. Have I mentioned that TX drivers go batshit insane when things fall from the sky, like rain or snow? Well they do and DART bus drivers are not immune, nor are they immune from the backups caused by said batshit insane drivers. My first bus was over 10 minutes late, which made me miss the train that would have connected to my second bus. No problem, there would have been another bus that came a few minutes after the next train got there I could catch that and only be a few minutes late instead of early. Only that driver lost his/her mind because “things are falling from the sky!” and drove right by the bus stop in front of the train station leaving us (there were 5 people waiting for the same bus) standing in the rain, which was falling harder at that point. Twenty minutes after that the next scheduled bus got there and brought us to our destinations, which made me almost an hour late getting there. By this time I had been on the road more than 2 1/2 hours, I missed the dinner that we were supposed to eat (all that was left was cornbread and a couple dozen cookies with warm but not hot coffee). I had to leave early but not before getting my instructions about what needed to be done differently this year by the ushers. Then on the way back the train I was riding had something that was trying to fail in one of the wheels that sounded like someone beating on the side of the train with a 30 pound wrecking hammer, only really fast. I was concerned that the train would derail and kill us all, especially with all the standees who would be flying around unrestrained. but I survived the trip and here I am complaining about it. 😉

Up first is a hit-and-run in the UK caught on corner surveillance cameras. CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Hit-and-run crash Now I wonder if they will use this footage of a crime in progress to arrest and prosecute the driver? I can’t watch the video but the frame capture pictures don’t leave much doubt about the cause of the wreck being the UK equivalent of the right hook on an unsuspecting cyclist. I doubt the cyclist had time to do more than register the fact the car was there before he was hit, and the driver will claim to not have seen the cyclist before the impact. IOW the cyclist had no time to avoid this wreck. The only way this wreck could have been avoided would have been for the cyclist to take the primary position in the UK cycling jargon, in the US we would just call it taking the lane to be visible.

Hate attacks on cyclists in NYC. PSA: Teenagers Still Throwing Stuff At Cyclists On Navy Street In Brooklyn I seriously don’t know what a cyclist could do if their route took them by a place where people use you for target practice, except be capable of returning fire. Then I would be concerned with escalation. The other thing I’m concerned with is the repeated assaults being reported with zero enforcement from NYPD, in spite of record numbers of traffic tickets being issued, including things that are not against the law, against cyclists. If cyclists are subject to the penalties of law, then they are equally subject to the protections of laws.

A NY state doctor has a serious wreck in the BVI and requires the exact same care that he specializes in giving. South Nyack doctor, head of White Plains ER, hurt in bike crash From what I could pull from the article, this was an infrastructure related wreck caused partly by the doctor not being able to watch the road conditions because of having to watch other things. So to avoid a similar wreck, all you need to do is grow several extra sets of eyes and learn to use them all at once.

An allegedly drunk cyclist is killed in LA. Cyclist killed in Assumption crash The cyclist was supposedly crossing the highway, that the driver pulled out on and hit the cyclist. IOW the cyclist had the right of way over the truck that pulled onto the highway but they are claiming the cyclist “may” have been drunk to divert blame.

The killer of a GA cyclist riding in he most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike will not be charged because they can’t decide where the cyclist was hit. No charges will be filed against driver whose vehicle struck, killed cyclist I have read some silly excuses for not charging a driver, but this has to be the most egregious example in the history of motor vehicles. It is exactly the same charge no matter which location the cyclist was hit, but because they can’t find physical evidence of the location of the impact they won’t file any charges. TANJ!

More from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Jacksonville bicyclist killed in collision with dump truck I’m trying to decide what even happened as the description does not make much sense. The street the cyclist and truck were on is an east-west street, the truck was travelling west on the north side of the street and turned onto the north-south street. That much makes sense. The cyclist was described as going north on the east-west street. He could have been going north on the street the truck turned on, but that should have resulted in the cyclist not getting hit at all as there was ample room for the truck to turn from the divided highway onto the residential surface street, unless the cyclist was waiting to turn west from the north-south street and the truck cut the corner over the left-turn lane on the north-south street. Or it could be a left-cross of the eastbound cyclist on the east-west street. It doesn’t matter because they will blame it on the cyclist for being there to get hit anyway.

Now for some relatively good news about a wreck. Redmond man who killed Kirkland bicyclist charged with vehicular homicide, reckless driving and Driver Charged With Killing Cyclist The quantity and alcoholic strength of the drinks consumed is just mind-boggling, and he only blew a .078%? That breathalyzer needs to be recalibrated. Either that or the guy must weigh something like 300 pounds… In which case all we need to do is make him run a marathon with lots of hills, he’ll be finished long before he finishes the course. He won’t suffer as much as his victim did.

More on the PA cyclist hit-from-behind in a shared lane on a bridge. The Cyclist and the Damage Done I keep posting this but none of the people that need to read it ever do, drivers need to learn how to pass a bicycle properly, and learn to wait until it is safe to pass.

I don’t understand how they can say a cyclist failed to yield when the driver never saw the cyclist until after the wreck. Bicyclist dies in collisionAccording to the police report, Elaine Niehaus Abernathy, of Emeline Avenue in Fayetteville, was northbound on N.C. 87. She told authorities that McLean entered the traffic way, failing to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic, the report states.” but later it also states, “The report also notes that the driver said she never saw McLean prior to the collision.” Does “failing to yield” really mean “failing to get out of the way of cars”?

Another cyclist death around L.A. Cyclist Killed in OC Hit-and-Run Not much to go on with this one as the cyclist was the only vehicle that had a direction and position specified at the time of the wreck.

Good news from the UK. Rob Jefferies case: 17 year old driver pleads guilty to causing death by careless driving He was banned from driving until after he is sentenced, I hope that he also gets banned from walking around as a free man for several years. Honestly, got his license in January, first speeding ticket in April, and kills a man in May. If that doesn’t show he does not have the smarts and responsibility to control a deadly weapon used as transportation I don’t know what will.

Another guilty driver from the UK. Driver admits causing death of cyclist McCall and from the Beebe Croome admits causing death of cyclist McCall by careless driving Having pled guilty to the lesser charge he now faces a severe slap on the wrist…

Infrastructure! from the UK. 13/12/2011 – Cyclist Injured After Theft of Manhole Cover – Grantham Yep, riding into holes that weren’t there a little while ago can totally ruin your day…

Having infrastructure designed only to move “traffic” defined as only motor vehicles creates bad infrastructure. Mayor’s prioritising of traffic flow over cyclists’ safety to come under fire at London’s City Hall tomorrow(P)ublic admission by a Transport for London (TfL) official that introducing a cycle lane at the site where a cyclist died in October would “cause considerable queues” for traffic.” That would be bad, cyclists would be safer but drivers would have to sit in their cars longer. Of course they could leave their cars at home and ride a bike and get there faster and get a little exercise at the same time saving even more time by not having to go to a gym to get some movement into their bodies. But that would mean giving people a choice of not using a car, which is heresy.

And that’s all I have today.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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