Mule day again, and the Feed

Yep it’s time to haul the comestibles home from the store today after I get the post up. That’s one of the downsides of using active transportation, you have to keep putting fuel in the tank just like driving a car. The counter to that is my fuel tastes a heck of a lot better than gasoline or diesel fuel in spite of it’s lower energy density and higher cost. I’m glad I have the kitty-litter bucket panniers as it looks like I will have a dampish to soggy ride to and from the store today.

Up first is an oblivious driver who failed to see a cyclist and hit her from behind. Woman hit, hurt while riding bicycle on East First Avenue The driver that was in control of the weapon vehicle was drinking from a water bottle when she hit the cyclist riding in front of her. The cyclist maybe could have ridden further out into the lane to make herself more visible, but the driver that was in front of the weapon vehicle had no problem seeing and avoiding the cyclist, so maybe a little “time out” without a car would improve the weapon vehicle operator’s ability to pay attention. I’m to put this one in the “Unavoidable except to not be there” category as the cyclist appeared to be doing it right and the driver just failed to react. Also the amount of time the cyclist had to react to getting hit from behind would have been next to zero after the first vehicle moved over to pass as the cyclist’s attention would have needed to be on the closer vehicle to make sure it completed the pass before moving back over.

Still in CA, another link to the recent Orange County hit-and-run. Driver sought in fatal Lake Forest hit-run crash Nothing new here, just another link saying that they are looking for a white van with front end damage. Whoops, another one just popped up, same information. Police seek fatal Lake Forest hit-run driver Comments to the last link could be ignored as they seem to place most/all of the blame on the cyclist that died instead of the driver that killed him. There was some new information about the length of the cyclist’s trip as he was only going 3 blocks.

A teen-aged cyclist is hit by a truck in Boston. Teen cyclist killed in Brockton As of this posting the mode of the wreck was not given. More details about the victim but nothing about the wreck. VIDEO: Family, friends mourn Brockton teen killed in accident

A bicycle transportation advocate is hit while on the sidewalk in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Island Pedaler: Bike committee member hit by car The cyclist/advocate was just getting on her bike in front of the YMCA when she was hit by a car running a stop sign. The driver never saw the cyclist until she was hit. Interestingly enough there were no comments about this wreck at all, probably because the driver of the weapon vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign, something the anti-bike crowd says only happens with bikes.

News from Oz as a driver is found guilty of killing a cyclist. Driver guilt over cyclist death I only wish that this would do something to bring the dead cyclist back. As of right now there has been no sentencing.

Infrastructure! in NC, as a popular cycling route sees near exponential traffic growth as population increases. Cyclists Want Safer Roads After Rider Hit, Injured The comments that cyclists shouldn’t be on those roads, when the cyclists were there first and the sprawl came after them, is just a gas. Also the bits about cyclists not paying taxes, funny I haven’t driven a car since 1995 and I still have to pay taxes…

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today. I’m going to put the rain gear on and hit the road for groceries.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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