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Sorry about the rush, and the Feed

This one will have to be dashed off as I have many things to do today. I have lights to untangle and string on the tree, I have layers of cake to bake for Mrs. the Poet’s birthday cake, and I have to usher at the SolstiCelebration tonight, but the biggest thing eating up the time will be the transportation between all these things. I mentioned that the Metroplex was about the size of the eastern half of Massachusetts a few posts back, and it shows in the time it takes to get places in the sprawl. There is just no good way to get anywhere because of the distances involved. I can get around Garland pretty well on my bike, but when I need to go to a neighboring town like Richardson or Dallas then things get complicated even by car. And this being Texas things just aren’t placed in close proximity to anything else useful and nearly everything requires a special trip someplace other than where you are now. What is interesting is that for riding a bike it isn’t the distances that are the problem, it is the amount of time exposed to traffic. The Metroplex would be a cyclist’s paradise without the cars and with a few more trains with bike racks. But I’ll save the urban planning rant for Sunday’s post.

Up first is a SWSS in Gadsden AL. Cyclist seriously injured in downtown wreck The wreck description is almost the classic script for the SWSS, “Gadsden Police Capt. Regina May said the bicyclist was struck by a vehicle when he pedaled out into traffic on Fourth Street between Broad and Locust streets.” Note the mid-block location of the wreck, and the total blame placed on the cyclist for being in traffic. To avoid a similar wreck ride assertively in the lane and use the hit-from-behind protocols.

A left-cross in “Joisy”. Sparta manager injured in accident This report is rare in the media in that it placed total blame for the wreck on the motor vehicle violating the right of way of the cyclist. To avoid a similar wreck use intersection protocols.

An elderly person that was riding a moped in a very bicycle-like manner has partially emerged from a coma. Missionary injured in mo-ped wreck out of coma This was a hit-from-behind wreck that took place during a rash of bicycle wrecks in and around Augusta, GA. I’m glad to see he’s getting better.

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, two bikes had a “run-in”. Cyclist injured after colliding with rider Even a bicycle to bicycle collision can cause significant damage if the rider has a secondary collision with the ground. To avoid stay far enough back from your drafting partner that your wheels won’t touch and keep your SA high for other traffic.

And that’s all I have this time, Now I have to go do other things…

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