An excellent experience in massage

I had a really great massage last week. I have multiple issues in dealing with the physical aftermath of my wreck, with permanent muscle and nerve damage, and from time to time I need to get a massage to unwind the knots and dial back the pain a bit. Well I found a technique that really helped dial back the pain and stiffness, using heated pillows filled with buckwheat and herbs, kind of a combination of stone massage and aromatherapy. The heated pillows make chronically tight muscles relax a bit so that the masseuse doesn’t have to use extreme pressure to get deep into tight muscles to make them unkink. The herbs are pleasant and make the person getting the massage relax a little more then would be the case without them.

The therapist that gave me the massage is Stephanie Brinkman. Her e-mail is Tell her she was highly rated by the Witch on a Bicycle.

PSA, Opus

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