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Trying to find a new helmet, and the Feed

Mrs. the Poet is concerned about my head and wants to either fix my old helmet or get me a new one, but she has the same problem as I do, lack of $$ for big-ticket items. So, I’m going to renew my request for a size M reline kit for the Bellistic helmet at a reasonable price, or a full-face bike helmet in the $50-80 range. I know there are a lot of NASCAR teams that got pallet-loads of helmet liners for the Bellistic, I don’t know if they are allowed to sell any of them. As for why I’m insisting on a full-face helmet, hey, I already died once, with a standard bike helmet, and I had to have my face sewn back on after I came back and that itches like all getout. I would rather have something between my face and the pavement if I wreck again. It’s as simple as that.

Up first because it’s weird is a cyclist running into the back of a stopped mail delivery vehicle with the flashers going. Man dies from injuries in bike-postal truck crash It wasn’t like the cyclist couldn’t see the truck he hit from behind, and the article suggests that he was having a medical emergency when he hit the delivery vehicle. Because of the severity of the injuries and the fact that the cyclist did not answer any questions about the wreck before he died we will never know what caused this wreck.

Another report on the cyclist hit-from-behind by a truck in the Harlem area of NYC. Teenage Cyclist Killed by Truck on 125th Street Truck hits cyclist from behind in NYC, NYPD blames the cyclist for being there to get hit. I’m really glad that I don’t live in NYC…Other reports on this wreck have quoted NYPD as there was nothing they could charge the truck driver with, as if cyclists don’t deserve the protections accorded other vehicle operators under the law. Bicycles are vehicles, too and are entitled to all the protections of the law. Pretending that because other cyclists run red lights or ride against traffic all cyclists are not deserving of the protections of the law is as silly as saying that because one cop tackled a cyclist off his bike for no reason that all cops deserve to get U-locked in the head, or because one cop raped a drunk woman that all cops should be castrated.

More on the NYPD’s “handling” of cyclist fatalities. NYPD Criticized for Handling of Investigation in Brooklyn Cyclist’s Death and Family: NYPD doesn’t care about dead cyclist

In the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for the 5th (6th?) year running (I have lost count) more on a cyclist who was hit-from-behind. COLUMN: Life, death and cell phones in paradise This was, if you forgot, the wreck where they said they couldn’t prosecute because they didn’t know if the cyclist was riding in the shoulder or in the lane.

From Jolly Olde, a driver that stalked a cyclist to run him down with his car is sentenced to 16 years in prison. Man jailed for Leicester cyclist murder What else can I say about this one? This was an impossible wreck to avoid. With any kind of luck this driver will die in prison.

From Oz, two cyclists “won” the door prize. Cyclists hurt in Dromana, Southbank The first cyclist never knew what happened, riding along one minute, then laying in the street with a broken collarbone the next. The other cyclist was apparently able to make some avoidance maneuver but not enough to prevent contact with the door. To avoid don’t ride in the door zone, but if you must by law then be looking for people moving in the windows of the cars before you pass them.

And in Infrastructure! from CA, Davis police are going to be gunning for cyclists to ticket after the New Year. Davis police to begin new year with push for bicycle safety Another “cyclists don’t stop at stop signs” pig-headed enforcement crackdown that goes after the symptoms rather than the cause, which is using stop signs as traffic calming on bike routes. I don’t have the link handy but a study that was actually done in Davis found that excessive stop signs on bike routes reduced a cyclist’s average speed by 30-50%, and decreased their range before exhaustion by 25-33%. IOW you get there slower and more tired with no real improvement in safety.

LifeStyle from CT as Ghost Bikes start to become common there. ‘Ghost Bikes’: Moving Memorials And A Warning To Drivers When a memorial starts to become common, as in more than one on a particular stretch of road, then things need to be fixed ASAP. In this case they have 4 on one road in 2 years.

And that’s all the bicycle stuff I found in the Feed today.

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