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Merry Christmas, and the Feed

As I compose this I have not opened the Feed folder yet, so aside from some lingering pain from the pulled Gluteus Medius in my right hip I’m in a good mood. Even having to leave my bike at church last might after losing one of the nuts holding the kitty-litter buckets on the bike isn’t dampening my mood, because all of my kids that live in the US are going to be here this afternoon. Also I have enough money to get all the computers up and running and finish the taillight on Blue. So, as I type this in I’m in a Good Mood. The only really annoying thing I have is my new mouse is sitting in my stocking and I can’t use it until tomorrow, so moving my cursor from left to right or right to left is a long, involved process that requires much hand waving, as I pick up the mouse and return it to the opposite side of the mouse pad to roll it across and pick it up again. This mouse has outlasted 2 computers, so it’s not like I didn’t get my money’s worth from it, it’s just annoying using a bad mouse when there’s a good mouse sitting a couple rooms away from my office.

Up first because I can’t click on another link is a drunk driver in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike hitting a cyclist from behind and leaving him to die. Man killed in St. Petersburg hit-and-run Since there was no mention of a helmet, lights, or reflectors and this was a MSM outlet we have to assume the cyclist was so equipped because if he wasn’t the paper would have been all over it. Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols, and the driver needs to be handcuffed to the steering wheel as they run his car through the shredder to recycle it into bicycles.

Another drunk driver, this time in OR. Cyclist in critical condition after being struck by drunken driver in Beavercreek This driver wasn’t even on the road when he hit the cyclist. At least this time the cyclist was alive when medical help arrived. Anyway, again hit-from-behind protocol for whatever they’re worth might have helped in this case, but given that the cyclist was already in the escape area for riding in the road when he was hit by the truck.

And, Blessed Be that was all the bicycle links in the Feed today that were not racing-related. Just 2 drunks, and only one fatality. I’m not near as pissed off as I normally am after doing one of these posts, and that’s a good thing. Because I get pissed off I do the posts to let you know about what’s going on, and because I’m not as much in that condition on Christmas Eve that means when my kids get here I will actually have some spirit of the season.

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Running late again after more shopping, and the Feed

Today was the last day we could get any shopping done before family Christmas this Christmas Eve (son-in-law is a LEO and we had to choose ahead of time, also my son will be working Christmas day at his store). I got a few stocking stuffers and other small gifts for the kids (the youngest is over 30, but they’re still “the kids”), and Mrs. the Poet bought me a Bell Sanction full-face helmet in silver and white (chosen for their ability to shed heat in a Texas summer) size M. I also picked up a new mouse to replace the one I have used on the last 2 computers I had, that I have been using almost every day since early January of 2005. It has almost stopped working, with the Y-axis (horizontal movement of the cursor) very slow when it works, which is less and less often these days. 😦

Up first a driver that was loopy from a high but legal dose of Vicodin has 3 wrecks in one day, the last being a hit-from-behind of a cyclist in the bike lane. Palm Beach woman who crashed into cyclist ordered held on $100,000 bond There’s not a lot I can say about this one, the cyclist never had a chance to avoid this one as the diver couldn’t tell she was wandering in her lane (an out of it too) and thought the cyclist weaved into her lane.

A halfway reasonable sentence handed down against a killer driver, in OR. Five year prison sentence handed down in hit-and-run that killed Dustin Finney Something I seldom see even in cases like this is a lifetime revocation of the driver’s license. I covered the wreck when it happened and it wasn’t something that mere humans could have avoided.

Up in the Great White North Courts rule that just because a road is fit for a car doesn’t make if a fit road. Quebec courts rule for Cyclists, and against city governments

And that’s all I have right now, I have to go tend to my aches and pains.

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