Running late again after more shopping, and the Feed

Today was the last day we could get any shopping done before family Christmas this Christmas Eve (son-in-law is a LEO and we had to choose ahead of time, also my son will be working Christmas day at his store). I got a few stocking stuffers and other small gifts for the kids (the youngest is over 30, but they’re still “the kids”), and Mrs. the Poet bought me a Bell Sanction full-face helmet in silver and white (chosen for their ability to shed heat in a Texas summer) size M. I also picked up a new mouse to replace the one I have used on the last 2 computers I had, that I have been using almost every day since early January of 2005. It has almost stopped working, with the Y-axis (horizontal movement of the cursor) very slow when it works, which is less and less often these days. 😦

Up first a driver that was loopy from a high but legal dose of Vicodin has 3 wrecks in one day, the last being a hit-from-behind of a cyclist in the bike lane. Palm Beach woman who crashed into cyclist ordered held on $100,000 bond There’s not a lot I can say about this one, the cyclist never had a chance to avoid this one as the diver couldn’t tell she was wandering in her lane (an out of it too) and thought the cyclist weaved into her lane.

A halfway reasonable sentence handed down against a killer driver, in OR. Five year prison sentence handed down in hit-and-run that killed Dustin Finney Something I seldom see even in cases like this is a lifetime revocation of the driver’s license. I covered the wreck when it happened and it wasn’t something that mere humans could have avoided.

Up in the Great White North Courts rule that just because a road is fit for a car doesn’t make if a fit road. Quebec courts rule for Cyclists, and against city governments

And that’s all I have right now, I have to go tend to my aches and pains.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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