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Getting back in the swing of things, and the Feed

OK things are getting back to what passes for normal around here. I went to the local hardware store to pick up that bolt, which I will install on the bike when I’m out getting the cells for the 12V rechargeable battery for the new taillight, and the switch for it too. I’m building a charger for the battery from a 12v trickle charger that ran a little high on the trickle charge voltage and boiled one of my SLA batteries last year. I’m a real big believer in re-using things, adapting what doesn’t work for one use to make it suitable for a different use. Well this failed trickle charger is going to make a slow charger for my NiMH 12V battery for Blue.

Up first is another wreck in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. FHP Identifies Plant City Man Who Died in Bicycle Accident One of the things that makes me so angry about FL is the insistence in the media (and probably by LEO as well) for blaming the victims of motor vehicle wrecks for their own demises. There’s nothing in this report about any traffic controls that might have been at that intersection, just a generalized blame for the cyclist being there to get hit. There isn’t enough detail to this report to let you know how to avoid a similar wreck except to not ride a bicycle in Florida.

Update on a cyclist in OR is hit by a drunk driver. Police: Driver who hit bicyclist was DUII and Deputies: Man arrested for DUII after hitting bicyclist also Bicyclist hit by suspected drunk driver, Clackamas sheriff deputies say even Molalla motorist accused of DUII and assault after striking bicyclist, authorities say finally Vehicle strikes bicyclist in Clackamas County; driver arrested for DUII This was a story that I linked to last week but with much less detail than I could get from all of the links I brought you today. Anyway. hit-from-behind protocols might have helped but there was no place for the cyclist to go except the ditch. If the cyclist survives, then ban the driver from ever driving again, or be guilty of illegal possession of a deadly weapon if he does. Then recycle his truck into cargo bikes. If the cyclist dies, well when they recycle the drunk driver’s truck just leave the driver in there too…

Hit-and-run in OK. Hospitalized teen in Oklahoma City identified through social media When you tell someone where you are going make sure it is someone that gives a poop about if you live or die…

When I shuffle off this mortal coil, I hope I make one of these lists, far, far in the future. Notable deaths of 2011 I include this article because of the number of cyclists killed this year on the list.

Background on the cyclist hit by a train in AZ last week. Cyclist killed by train remembered by cousin Apparently this was a great guy who got a little disoriented as he left the BICAS store and went on the tracks instead of the road.

A cyclist on a new bike in CA is hit-and-run. Boy, 12, Riding Bicycle Injured In Hit-And-Run You know my feelings on hit-and-run drivers.

And that’s all the links I have to bicycle stories today. Not bad, eh?

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