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Running late after fixing Blue, and the Feed

Yes, I had to leave the house to repair and retrieve Blue from church. It was a simple case of replacing a missing nut on a bolt that was too short when I installed it, so I had to go buy a longer bolt first then recuperate from the walk to the hardware store to get the bolt, then take the bus to repair the bike and ride home. While I was out I went ahead and picked up the cells and switch for the new tail light since I was going to be using the bus pass anyway. The new battery for the light is going to be 2.1Ah and less than half the size of the 1.3Ah SLA battery I used during testing, but at almost 3 times the cost of the SLA battery and I need to build it up from cells rather than just plug it in to the circuit.

Not many links today, which is good. I don’t like spending all day reading about people getting hit riding their bicycles. Up first is a letter from a man in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. LETTER: Cyclists deserve better Basically it says until LEO gets its act together people in cars will continue to kill people on bicycles without having to worry about anything more than getting their cars repaired. This was in reference to the wreck during the past summer where a cyclist was hit from behind by a 19 YO driving a Benz, and no charges were filed because they couldn’t decide if the cyclist was in th4e lane of travel or riding on the shoulder.

I wonder if this was in retaliation for a road incident previous to the altercation. Man shot and killed in Vermont Knolls Lord and Lady know I have wanted to do just this any number of times after a driver decided to “teach me a lesson”, but back channel says this is more likely a gang-related killing than a case of extended road rage.

Last link is a wreck in Oz, where a woman hit a cyclist from behind in a roundabout. Cyclist injured in roundabout collision Not much to say here as from a cyclist’s perspective a roundabout is the combination of the worst things about intersections and JRA in heavy traffic. What would have been just a single point of conflict for cyclists is made into 4 or more points of conflict from either the left in drive to the left countries like Oz and the UK or from the right in the rest of the world.

And that’s it for today, nice break from the usual run of multiple links with death and destruction, isn’t it?

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