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Finally getting some rain, too bad the growing season is over, and the Feed

Yep, it’s raining here in the suburbs of Hell. Now that even the grass has stopped growing it seems kind of a waste, but I know the runoff will refill the lakes and reservoirs so we will have a supply for drinking and irrigation of crops during the summer. It makes for some uncomfortable bicycle riding now though. Also my back yard is a pond again as most of the runoff from the roof ends up in the back yard. I need to redo the gutters so that the water is more evenly distributed, there is one spot in the front where most of the water from that side of the house ends up, that has become bare because it drowns the grass when it rains, and a larger bare spot in the back that the same thing happens. A better solution would redirect that water to the north side yard and away from that corner of the back yard where the garage and kitchen come together. But that would require money to implement, and our situation here doesn’t have much of that running around. I mean there are weeks where we don’t buy a lottery ticket because the $2 for lottery is most of the price of a gallon of milk in the 50% off bin. But anyway, it looks like I will be wearing my rain gear on the ride to church for the Full Moon service tonight. Fortunately I have a robe now that I can throw over my bike gear and present a more dignified presence than my glow in the dark clown costume (bike clothing).

Up first, a cyclist was able to give a description of the vehicle that hit him before he died. Grandfather on Bicycle Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash A white truck was seen leaving the area has been linked as the weapon vehicle in this wreck after the victim told a witness that was the vehicle that hit him. There was nothing given on the actual mode of the wreck, so I can’t tell you how to avoid it in the case of a similar wreck happening to you. but for the victim to remain conscious to describe the weapon vehicle before dying…

In GA they are finally starting to get the idea, that in hit-and-run it’s not if you knew you had a wreck that’s the important part it’s that you had a wreck and left the scene because you did not pay attention to what your vehicle was doing. Cedartown man charged in accident that injured six year old girl From what little I can put together about this wreck the trailer cut over the corner where the little girl was waiting for the truck to get out of her way so she could continue her bike ride. There is nothing a cyclist can do to avoid a wreck when they are not actually riding their bike.

Moving north from GA to MA, a cyclist is hit by a car. Man riding bicycle in Brockton injured in collision with car From the pictures I can determine that the cyclist was hit from the right by the passenger side of the Caddy, but I can’t draw any determination of who was where when which would be required to figure out how to avoid this wreck. From the one shot it looks like there may be a bike lane at the scene, but the mode of the wreck indicates this may have been an intersection wreck of some kind. Again I’m faced with a dearth of information beyond the actual fact of the wreck. One scenario that would make sense is the driver was pulling out of a driveway and hit the cyclist in the bike lane while turning left, but I didn’t see a driveway or the actual impact location in any of the pictures. I hate all this missing information.

More on the NM driver being charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle almost 2 years after killing a cyclist on Old US66. Family Reacts to Charges Announced in Cyclist’s Death and Justice May Finally be Served for Cyclist’s Death

Still nothing about what happened because of UK media laws, but there was somebody charged in this wreck. Lorry driver charged over death of Hackney cyclist Dan Cox at Dalston Junction From what I can determine from the article, the driver was in a defective vehicle and ran over a cyclist that was in a blind spot that would not have been blind had the truck been in compliance with the laws.

The bicycle wrecks in Oz are becoming so frequent that they don’t even get individual articles. Two cyclists, aged 14 and 42, seriously injured in separate collisions One appears to be a SWCC, while the other appears to be a hit-from-behind, but there is not enough information to determine an actual mode much less the cause of wreck in either case. Be careful out there in Oz.

From Enn Zed, a car hits 2 cyclists from behind, killing one and sending the other to hospital. Cyclists injured south of Tauranga and Cyclist killed in Tauranga crash I’m seriously wondering what kind of lame excuse he driver is going to give for hitting two vehicles either at nearly the same time or in quick succession. Another link Cyclist and two drivers die on busy roads More Cyclist killed in Tauranga accident named and Speed may have been factor in fatal cycle crash The driver now appears to have been speeding when he hit the 2 cyclists… hmmm.

Ontario cyclists attempt to prove the adage “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just poor choice in clothes.” Cold weather doesn’t stop bike enthusiasts I have to give a +1 on the studded tire recommendation because there is no city that can clear every road that you might need to get to your destination every time. Even if those are roads that get cleared, you might be out before the city can get to that particular road, which you might not know when you leave the house. A cyclist has to ensure his or her own ability to negotiate the roads and streets before departure.

And that’s finally everything for today. I’m mentally exhausted.

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