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You can’t fix stupid, and the Feed

Today’s headline comes from a tossed-off line from one of the late-night talk shows I was flipping through last night. I forget which host I was watching (Jay Letterman, Dave Fergusson, Craig Leno? I can program my remote to toggle through up to six channels and sometimes I get confused as to what program I’m watching), but he was talking about our “beloved” Gov. Goodhair’s showing after the NH Primary, and blamed the poor showing on the “intelligence” displayed during the debates, when Perry couldn’t remember which parts of the Federal government he wanted to get rid of. Well that line would apply equally to most of the drivers in today’s Feed, most of which you won’t get to read about here because they were either riding or hit motorcycles…

Our first link comes from CA as LEO are actually doing police work to find a hit-and-run killer of a cyclist. Deputies stop cars in quest for clues I seldom see this much effort put into an investigation of a cyclist death. From the minimal description of the wreck I don’t see that any human cyclist could have avoided the wreck.

Police want to talk to a witness to a bicycle wreck because he dented the door of the weapon vehicle as it fled the scene. Charges sought against friend of man killed in bike accident Lots of stupid going on with this one, starting with the drunk cyclist, continuing to the driver leaving the scene, and finishing up with the witness kicking a dent in the weapon vehicle door.

Institutional stupid in CT. Bad Driving — And Bad Cycling — Put Bicyclists In Harm’s Way I don’t disagree that bad cycling isn’t a problem, but drivers that don’t know they are driving WMD that can wipe out people and structures with a twitch of a hand or the tap of a toe is the major problem. I liked the picture of the hit-from-behind wreck staged for LEO. Notice that the rear wheel has broken into the characteristic pretzel shape associated with a hit-from-behind wreck, that the crash-test dummy is in the process of placing a huge dent in the hood of the car, and that there is only a small mark and dent in the front bumper of the car. This illustrates one of the major problems with hit-and-run impacts from behind, finding and identifying the weapon vehicle based on the damages sustained.

LifeStyle news from CA. DJ Toph One: Benefits to be Held for Cyclist Hurt in Hit-and-Run This demonstrates the benefits of being a local celebrity when you’re hit while riding a bicycle. People come out of the woodwork to help you and find the person that hit you. I had the same experience when I was hit… about 4 years later.

And that’s all the bicycle links I have today.

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