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Still working on the new tail light, and the Feed

I had to use my pencil torch to solder the cell interconnects last night because my regular soldering iron doesn’t have the BTUs to get the tabs hot enough to solder, but the tiny tank ran out when I was less than half done so I have to get it refilled and do it some more. I did get enough cells connected that I have a good idea of how well balanced the pack will be and also what my final voltage will be when the pack has reached the end of its rated capacity. I think this is going to work out just fine from the discharge side of the equation, but I’m still working on the charging side of the equation. I have a wall wart to use but I still need to do the bridge and filter to make it work. Even with all that it will be a C/10 charge rate, how will that work for NiMH batteries?

Up first a cyclist waiting at a red light is a victim in a pinball wreck. Cyclist Injured in Two-Car Crash This is one of those wrecks that is just impossible to avoid for a cyclist. First of all the cyclist in this wreck was standing with the bike, not riding it, which meant there was no mobility to avoid the wreck. Second when 2 cars collide and one is directed at you by the collision that path is unpredictable because of the fact that tires are not frictionless. They have drag and can regain rolling traction at any time, changing the direction of travel in any other direction (except backwards). So by the time you are certain which way the car is going to go you have no time to react, much less actually get out of the way.

Another bike/ped wreck in NYC, cyclist came out the worst. Cyclist Strikes Another Prospect Park Pedestrian From what I can find on and off line the cyclist hit a pedestrian outside the crosswalk and fell and broke his hand. The pedestrian was transported as a precaution to be checked out better in a hospital. To avoid I suggest an air horn, like the AirZound, or a car horn and a small 12V battery. More Another pedestrian struck by a cyclist in Prospect Park

More Infrastructure! news from the UK. Cyclist death roundabout safety plans proposed because of Cyclists bring junction to standstill with rush hour protest which actually they didn’t, rush hour traffic brought the cyclists to a standstill most of the time. Except for that one guy with the bus.

And that’s all the bike news I have today.

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