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Still racking up the miles, and the Feed

Yep, them miles is just accumulating at an outrageous rate. Most everywhere I need to go I get there by bike so far this year, and it shows on my mileage logs. I’m almost done with the Honkin’Huge Taillight II The Doubling™, just a few more cell interconnects and charge terminals then wire it into the rest of the light. I have been told of a better light that has been made available if you know a cop: Those under-bumper mounted flashing LED modules that are used on some unmarked cars can be bought separately and have the flashing electronics built in, so all you need to do is run 12V to them and you have a blinky tail light that can be seen for a mile in daylight. Obviously you only want to buy the red unit as flashing blue lights are illegal in most states, but I can see this becoming the Next Big Thing in bicycle lighting. And totally legal, at least in TX, because there is no maximum limit on the lights specified in TX law, only a minimum distance the light has to be seen at night. For TX that is 300 feet from the rear and 500 feet from the front. Obviously if you can see these a mile during the day you can see them 300 feet at night. I will check with my LEO son-in-law as to how much they cost and how available they are.

Up first, famous cyclist Gene Hackman (yes, THE Gene Hackman) is hit from behind in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. 81-year-old Oscar winner Gene Hackman injured while riding bike in Fla; has bumps, bruises and Hackman hospitalized after bike crash Even “Popeye” Doyle is no match for a redneck in a pickup truck. Anyway, hit-from-behind protocols might have helped but from the description of the wreck Mr. Hackman was already trying to avoid the wreck (he ended up well off the road like he was in the process of moving over or dodging when he was hit). Aaand naturally the driver has not been charged in the wreck.

Still in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike, a cyclist is killed in a hit-and-run and FHP blames the cyclist for the wreck. 23-year-old cyclist killed by hit-and-run driver in Zephyrhills The cyclist “lost control of his bike and fell onto the road” which caused the wreck that was only witnessed by the driver and the cyclist. The impact was hit-from-behind, use the appropriate protocol to avoid. And someone needs to have a stern talking-to with the investigating officer of this wreck. When you see hoofprints think horses, not zebras (unless you’re in zebra country); when you see a cyclist hit from behind think he was hit from behind, not that he fell onto the road.

If you are driving a vehicle that you know has no brakes you really should be paying attention to the road, right? Driver sentenced for killing cyclist, 16, while he was texting his girlfriend (who was sitting BESIDE him) Well you would think you should be paying attention to the road, especially since he managed to CRUSH A CYCLIST AGAINST A ROCK WALL while he was texting his GF sitting in the seat next to him. I see no hope for this idiot, he really should just be taken out back and shot, but that isn’t available as a sentence in OR when someone is killed by (with) a motor vehicle, so they did what they could. This was the MAXIMUM sentence allowed under the law, using every aggravating circumstance they could throw at the defendant.

Moving down the coast a bit we have a lot of links from CA today, like this one. Bicyclist injured after run-in with unleashed dog near Guerneville Not much a cyclist can do to prevent something like this, dogs are unpredictable.

Charges filed in a hit-and-run involving a minor cyclist. Foster City Woman Facing Hit-and-Run Charges for Non-Injury Crash Involving 11-Year-Old Girl The cyclist was hit in the crosswalk riding at walking speed, making this a serious offense in CA, even though the cyclist was apparently uninjured. This is a failure to yield offense.

Everybody was doing something wrong in this wreck. Bike-riding Santa Rosa middle schooler injured after crashing into car The kid was riding on the sidewalk, but had to get off to go around a group of people at a bus stop. That would not have been a problem except that it made him ride salmon. Then the driver pulled out without looking in the direction she was driving. and hit the kid riding in the street… Everybody was wrong so deciding who was at fault is going to be a mess. To avoid don’t ride salmon.

Closure, finally, in the hit-and-run wreck in CA where the driver ditched her car in a parking lot and hid in the bushes. Woman Pleads Guilty In Crash That Killed Cyclist The driver also had more than 3 times the legal limit for BAC% when they finally got around to testing her, close to the amount that should cause death in people who are not alcoholics. This tells me this was not the first time she drove drunk, just (maybe) the first time she got caught. Again the sentence was about as stiff as possible given the limits of the law.

A homeless cyclist is seriously injured outside L.A. Vehicle Strikes Cyclist on PCH Overnight The cyclist was hit near but not in the intersection, probable hit-from-behind wreck with serious injury. The description of the weapon vehicle’s damages are chilling.

The city where Bugs Bunny was always making the wrong turns at has another cyclist killed. Bicyclist clings to life after crash And another one that is clinging to life. Both wrecks were intersection wrecks, one where a driver ran a red, the other where a cyclist ran the red. Use intersection protocols and don’t run red lights.

A NY cyclist is hit-and-run and NYPD doesn’t care. Cyclist Almost Killed in Hit-and-Run; Help Him Find the Perp Everything was said in the article, nothing I can add that would help.

In Far West Canuckistan a cyclist is hit riding in the sidewalk and given a ticket. Cyclist suffers minor injuries

“Justice” in the UK. British Cycling calls for sentencing review after Jefferies case Another case where the consequences for the perp and the victim are “asymmetric”, the victim is dead but the perp only gets a slap on the wrist.

That’s all I have today. I think I still have a few hairs left.

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