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I forgot to post about Bike MS, and the Feed

One of the failings of brain damage is a decline in short-term memory. I was supposed to let you know what is going on with my getting ready to do the Bike MS Ride from Frisco (TX town named Frisco, not San Francisco) to Texas Motor Speedway. Ordinarily that’s a bit over 20 miles, but if you wander up towards OK a bit before heading west it’s pretty easy to get a 75 mile day out of it. Anyway, at the moment there’s not much going on I can tell you about, things are getting set up to accept donations through the SJF web site and when that’s ready I will post the link in the sidebar under the link to my BikeJournal mileage log.

Up first for reasons of proximity to WoaB HQ in the suburbs of Hell is a wreck on a bridge I have ridden on myself recently. Accident raises urgency for bike lanes in Dallas Hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid, but what this article is mostly about is this was recognized as a place where there was bike/car conflict and where infrastructure changes were needed to prevent situations like this from happening. Well it’s happening, but there’s no money to pay for the infrastructure changes needed, even when it’s just a stripe of paint on the road. People are literally holding bake sales and art auctions to pay for bicycle infrastructure while a bridge with no bike/ped accommodations is going up so that some people can make money off real estate they bought just before the bridge was announced… and, yes, I’m bitter. That useless bridge would have paid for 50 Dallas Bike Plans had the money been used for bicycle infrastructure instead of providing more direct access to real estate speculators’ properties. The cost of 2 miles of the I635 project would fund the entire bicycle network for the NCTCOG, and there are close to 50 miles of 635 that will be reconstructed…

Next is more on Gene Hackman getting hit in FL. Gene Hackman struck by car while riding bike and Gene Hackman Not Wearing Helmet While Cycling And Getting Hit By Car another one Gene Hackman, 81, flown to hospital with body and leg injuries after being hit by car while cycling and finally Gene Hackman hit by truck, now listed as okay for an 81-year-old retiree As of right now the operator of the weapon vehicle in this case has not been subject to any negative consequences for his or her actions. Most if not all of the links failed to even identify the driver.

Apparently the only way to get charged for killing or injuring a cyclist in FL is to do it with a gun. Brothers charged with killing three in Pinellas denied bond Additional charges were placed after ballistics matched the bullet that killed the cyclist to 2 other murders.

Another link to the report that a cyclist “fell off his bike” and was hit-and-run’ Dade City cyclist killed in Zephyrhills hit and run The investigator for this wreck needs to spend at least a year car-free before being allowed to investigate any further wrecks involving cyclists or pedestrians,

A cyclist is right-hooked in NJ. Princeton Man Injured After Being Struck While Riding His Bicycle Intersection protocols, but I didn’t see any mention of why the driver suddenly turned right into the cyclist on her right, other than just being stupid.

Final link is a wreck involving two senior citizens in CA. Cyclist, 76, seriously injured in collision in Huntington Beach This is a hit-from-behind wreck, use the protocols to avoid.

There were just too many links to reports about drivers that just didn’t watch where they were going today, and I don’t know how to fix that, except by charging drivers that hit cyclists and pedestrians with assault with a deadly weapon. And I don’t see that happening for at least a decade or 2 in this country.

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