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Almost like a Monday after missing the Feed yesterday, and I’m on a time crunch

Filtering the Feed today is almost like filtering on a Monday after Wreck-free Sunday because I got home so late yesterday from my trip to Arlington. That trip was 99% useless as all it was was a public hearing to explain how they had to move pots of money around because certain projects had been declared off-limits to certain sources of funding, but they played the shell game so that everything was still the same as far as funding levels are concerned. As far as enhancing non-motored access to roads paid for with general funds, well in spite of state and federal laws requiring such it seems that only the minimum will be done. The position I have been told about that would require an actual bicycle rider to inspect the plans and determine if they were safe to use is still in the plans but funding for it has yet to materialize.

I’m not sure how well this link will work, for some browsers it’s fine, but for others it won’t work. Bob Mionske dissects the Driver’s Get Out of Jail Free Card. The “Ignorance is Bliss” Defense The thing is you know and I know that “I didn’t see him” is an admission of guilt when a driver hits a cyclist unless the cyclist was doing something that prevents a driver from seeing him, like riding ninja, but for a cop that doesn’t ride a bike it’s a perfectly legitimate excuse to not charge the driver. Then the cop can say “It wasn’t intentional on the driver’s part, the cyclist didn’t make himself sufficiently visible,” in spite of anything the cyclist might have done to enhance their perspicuity.

First wreck because of proximity to WoaB HQ in the suburbs of Hell is a kid on a bike on her way to school getting hit in the madhouse that is the school drop-off zone. Student on bike hit by car near elementary school I’m wondering about that picture, because if that is connected to the kid getting run over on a bike then the driver was seriously impaired in some way. The picture appears to show a street/stop sign knocked to the ground presumably by the motor vehicle involved. The mode of the wreck wasn’t specified so I can’t tell you (or your kid) how to avoid a similar wreck.

More on the backlash from the local cyclist getting hit on a bridge that had been slated for bike lanes but they weren’t installed. Cyclist injury strikes a chord with community activist, pushing for biking safety

Still in TX (this is our busy season for bike wrecks because of the mostly good weather south of Dallas) another cyclist is riding drunk. Man killed on bike identified Drunk and riding on a kids’ bike and running a traffic control, at sundown. A really, really bad combination.

A LI driver that attempted to hit-and-run a cyclist but couldn’t because she was so impaired praises her victim? Or just tries to get a more lenient sentence. LI Driver Who Killed Cyclist Says Dead Woman Saved Her Life Given the overcrowding that is currently the condition in most state prison systems she will probably be out before the end of the year, given that she was sentenced last summer. for a crime that took place in 2010.

A much more recent crime against a cyclist, in IN. Teen Critically Injured In Hit-And-Run Accident The SUV hit the cyclist from behind and apparently the cyclist was riding far enough to the left that he bounced into the oncoming lane of traffic to get hit by the Neon. The cyclist was already using best practices to be visible and still got hit from behind.

A driver hits a cyclist and tries to leave, but has another wreck instead. SUNRISE: Driver hits cyclist, may face DUI chargesGivens was arrested on suspicion of reckless driving and driving while intoxicated, and was booked into the El Paso County jail.” Apparently leaving the scene was not a consideration in this wreck?

A salmon cyclist is hit in CA. Bicylist injured in San Diego accident This is one of the reasons why salmon cycling is so dangerous, it can hide you from drivers until it’s too late to avoid you. This is exactly the same thing that happens at intersections, drivers are not looking where they are going but where the biggest threat is coming from. That’s how pedestrians are hit crossing the street, too.

A cyclist trying to walk his bicycle across a dangerous bridge that is the only access between 2 areas in NOLA falls from the sidewalk into traffic. Bicyclist killed on Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans traffic accident and this was a separate article when I filtered but it might go to the same report by now… Cyclist killed walking across Elysian Fields Avenue overpass is identified The cyclist in this case was doing nothing wrong except expecting local infrastructure to be safe to use as designed, ditto the driver that hit him.

A rare case of LEO actually following evidence in a case of hit-and-run of a cyclist. DNA sample connects car to bike accident, Anne Arundel police say When yo consider how recently a cyclist running for elected office was killed and the driver not charged for the hit-and-run in the same area, the fact that they used DNA to match the weapon vehicle with the victim is nothing short of a 180 turnaround for LEO.

More of the same from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Bicylist Injured in Hit-And-Run The cyclist was hit-from-behind, use the protocols to avoid and in this case a video camera would also be a good idea to capture the license plate of the weapon vehicle…

And I have to go now, more later but I have another commitment to fulfil at my church.

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