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I think I left my mind around here somewhere, and the Feed

Well I didn’t even get all the links I wanted posted yesterday because I 1) got up late, 2) had Mule Day duties bringing home the groceries, 3) had a church function to attend. and 4) had a double Feed to filter because of spending most of the day getting to and from Arlington for a meeting that took less time than the shower I took before leaving the house on Thursday. So I missed a few links from Oz, that I can’t find now to share with you a few days late. And the headline is a joke about having so much to do that I lost my mind, temporarily. (I hope temporarily).

Up first is a recall notice on 900 Giant brand bicycles. Giant Bicycle Inc. recalls two models If you have one of these bikes stop riding it and return it to the dealer you bought it from for a replacement fork. More CPSC: Giant Bicycle Recalls Two 2012 Models for Fall Hazards

Reason #20 why riding on the sidewalk is dangerous, the right hook. Elderly man hurt in Littleton bicycle accident The cyclist was riding on the sidewalk, the driver wasn’t looking for traffic from the sidewalk when he turned, the cyclist and the motor vehicle had a “coming together”. To avoid, first ride in the street where drivers can see you, second, intersection protocols.

In CA the driver that was DUI when he hit-and-run a cyclist was caught drinking in jail. Fireman Who Drunkenly Hit Cyclist Accused of Drinking in Jail This was the (former) LB fire captain who ran down a cyclist while driving with a BAC% that was 3 times the legal limit then left the man to die (he lived). It’s up to the judge but the sot could now be sentenced to 5 years in state prison.

A halfway appropriate sentence for killing a cyclist. Glouco man gets 7-year term for crash that killed tricyclist Seven years and an eight year driving ban will hopefully keep this scum away from the wheel for the better part of 13 years assuming he gets out after 85% of his prison sentence. If the clock on his driving ban doesn’t start until the expiration of his sentence, not his release, then we are safe for 15 years or so…

Hit-and-run in Oz. Boy riding bike hit by P-plate driver For people not up on Aussie driving regs a P-plate indicates the driver is driving under provisional status until he or she has enough experience and maturity to warrant being allowed full driving privileges. Generally this means the driver is most likely a teenager. The description indicates the driver didn’t move into the bicycle’s path until he was alongside, giving the cyclist zero time to react. I would suggest treating this as an assault rather than a traffic violation.

And the aftermath of a brutal bike wreck that has haunting similarity to mine. ‘Being like this is awful. I just want to die.’ The driver made a U-turn to hit the cyclist with a pickup truck. Boy do I know how that feels. The victim had multiple lower body injuries and brain damage. Well I’m not in a wheelchair, yet, nor did I lose all my memories, but everything else, yes. The difference is she got to confront her assailant, mine died by his own stupidity first..

And that’s all I have today.

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