Daily Archives: January 22, 2012

Changes are a’comin’, Wreck-Free Sunday

Let me open with a little housekeeping before I get to the meat of the post. The Bike MS stuff is coming, but slowly. Our artists are doing practice drawings on scraps of cloth to see how drawing on jersey material is different than drawing on paper. our web person has been doing a button for donations to a separate account in out church PayPal account, and I have been ramping up my miles on a per-week basis but still not getting much in the way of long days in the saddle under my wheels. I have been debating removing the kitty-litter buckets for the Bike MS, but the consensus is I should leave them on the bike and fill them with ice and tasty beverages for the ride, then make an ostentatious show of stopping for that cold tasty beverage in the middle of the ride as many times as I have tasty beverages… Where’s that [Ebil] emoticon when you need it?

Now the real news. I’m going to be a Grand-dad!!! I have already started the CAD drawings on his/her first bike, a wooden framed balance bike with as little metal or toxic substances as I can manage. It’s not like there is a big rush right now, we’re looking at a delivery date (for the bike) at least 3 years down the road. The child will arrive sometime around the end of August or first of September of this year. The bike will get delivered on or after the child’s second birthday. This will be a two-pronged education program for teaching the kid to ride: A balance bike to teach 2-wheel coordination, and a tricycle to teach pedalling. Plus Grandpa showing up on a bike from time to time showing that riding a bike will get you places to encourage riding for transportation. Then a kid-sized recumbent with a tailbox big enough for a lunch and a cold drink. All part of my scheme to take over the world! Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, cough, cough!

Anyway, this kid will be well taken care of when it comes to things with wheels propelled by human exertion. And no other kid will have anything that looks even close to what he/she has.

PSA, Opus