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Still trying to get the taste of W TX out of my mouth, and the Feed

In case that headline confuses you, we had a dust storm blow through the suburbs of Hell this past Sunday, and I was out riding to evening services in it. While the gritty taste in my mouth is gone the dust that I inhaled through my nose has not yet migrated out (I give it another day or 2 before the normal cleaning mechanisms of my body get rid of all of it), making the taste of West Texas dust an overlay on everything I eat or drink. And yes it really was that dusty a ride on Sunday evening. And yes my nose is really that sensitive to tiny amounts of chemicals.

We only have two of our wreck links from North America today. Yes, there are only 2 of them as I begin this part of the post. First is another link to the lame-brain who was riding salmon and ninja on an Interstate highway at night. Bicyclist Killed Traveling on I-5 Steve A called me on my analysis of this wreck in the comments yesterday, and I should have made clear that while most of my anger at this wreck was directed at the numb-nuts who was riding ninja on a freeway, I was still not happy with the fact that the Interstate system has put up walls all over the country that sometimes require walking or riding 20 miles just to get across a road, legally. (Common sign in western US states: “Next exit 25 miles“).

Moving to NC is a trial of a driver accused of being DUI when he hit and killed 2 cyclists. Venue change denied in bike riders’ deaths The county is going to have to pay extra because this guy ran over and killed 2 highly respected and well-known members of the community and hope that the people they find are both fair and intelligent, and have no access to local media. Considering that “local” in this case extended state-wide and a little beyond, I think their jobs are cut out for them. If I was the prosecutor in this case I would only allow people that answered “yes” to this question: “Do bicycle riders have a right to ride on the road?” to be on the jury. If anyone thinks that bicycle riders don’t have a right to the road then they might think that the drunk driver was justified in hitting them, regardless of what the law says…

In Oz a “footy” player has a single-vehicle wreck and does in a few of his ribs against a tree. Ron Barassi cracks ribs after crashing bike into a tree in Sandringham Old guy, but still athletic, just not as sturdy as he used to be after a lifetime of running into other people. Also trees are a bit “firmer” than people.

Infrastructure! news from NJ by way of the UK. Essex County Not Liable in Cyclist Death Apparently in NJ you use the infrastructure at your own risk, the government is not responsible if bad design or maintenance causes your death or serious injury… TANJ!

And that’s all the links I have today.

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