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Someone left the faucet running outside, and the Feed

The skies opened up over the night and caused Mrs. the Poet to have to return home and change to dry clothing after getting soaked through trying to get to her bus stop this morning, then ask her boss for a ride to work. Under normal conditions her wind jacket is water-resistant enough to keep her dry and comfortable in the rain until she gets on the bus, but this morning was like stepping under a “shower” that consisted of several garden hoses spraying the same spot at once, only it was everywhere. We had flooded streets and flash floods this morning until the rain finally stopped. The thing that struck me as unusual was early yesterday evening this was a gentle rain that looked to soak into the ground and bring back some of the depleted aquifers in the area. Then it turned into torrents, which is totally backwards to how things work here in TX most of the time. Our usual is buckets of rain in a few minutes followed by a couple hours of steady rain, not several hours of steady rain followed by an hour of torrents accompanied by buckets.

Up first because of proximity to WoaB HQ in the suburbs of Hell is a story of a hit-and-run where an important piece of the vehicle was left behind. License Plate Found After Deadly Texas Hit-And-Run Leads To Arrest and Bicyclist killed in hit & run in northwest Harris County The second link tells how LEO found the driver passed out in a stairwell with the keys to the van under his body, and that the driver got violent with police when they tried to arrest him. Given that it wasn’t his vehicle he was driving when he killed the cyclist I would say that handcuffing the driver to the steering wheel while the van was recycled would be a bit of an imposition on the actual vehicle owner, but then he showed poor judgement in lending it to a drunk. Maybe a short sentence as accessory to murder would improve his judgement. More Bicyclist killed in Cypress-area hit-and-run Ooh! the driver has a boo-boo on his head! another link Lost license plate leads to suspect in traffic death also License plate leads to suspect, Houston-area death From the other links we find that this was a hit-from-behind wreck of a cyclist that was taking the lane to be visible, and that the cyclist was knocked to the left into the median. this information tells me that the driver might have been in a rage at the cyclist in front of him, when combined with his violence at being arrested. So there is a very good possibility that a savvy prosecutor could present capital murder charges especially if the suspect had a previous DUI making this DUI a felony. Under TX law a death that occurs during the commission of a felony may be prosecuted as a death penalty case even if the death is an accident. If the driver had a previous DUI then he is in serious caca now.

Moving a bit closer is a single link to a hit-and-run wreck in Austin. Cyclist killed in overnight hit-and-run crash Hit-from-behind wreck by a pickup truck in TX, the only thing missing is a recording of the driver telling the front-seat passenger to “Hold my beer” to complete the scenario as a perfect stereotypical Texas bicycle death. To avoid mount a claymore mine to a 1″ thick steel plate with a shock-sensitive detonator facing to the rear. It won’t prevent the wreck but it will do as much damage to the truck as the truck does to you and prevent the -and-run of the hit-and-run. The 1″ plate will prevent additional injury from the back-blast of the claymore mine and redirect as much of the explosive force into the weapon vehicle as possible. And I’m only half-serious on this. More that showed up as I as composing this post Cyclist killed by hit and run driver identified Also Community Briefing: Cyclist killed in hit-and-run; Pflugerville council looks at land deals

More on the survivor of a Baton Rouge DUI hit-and-run reported here earlier. Long road to recovery for injured cyclist And if you read the copyright statement on the bottom of the article you find the station that posted this was just down the very street that this wreck happened on.

Moving west to AZ a cyclist is killed running a red light according to the only surviving witness, the driver that killed him. Mesa bicyclist struck, killed Saturday evening Since the only other witness to the wreck is dead, all we really know is there was a cyclist on a custom bicycle in the intersection at the same time as a car was driving through. Use intersection protocols to avoid a similar wreck.

More on the GA cyclist killed by a police vehicle. Cyclist killed in collision with Savannah-Chatham police van identified Well after being hit by the police vehicle the bike no longer had any lights or reflectors attached, what it was equipped with prior to the wreck with 2 trained forensics investigators inside the weapon vehicle is entirely a different question. It is known that descriptions of what he was wearing differed sharply between the official account and from those that knew the victim, to wit the “dull orange” jacket in the police version is a hunter’s blaze orange vest from those that knew the victim. Also the friends of the victim claim there were reflectors on the back of the bike prior to the wreck that police claim were not there after the wreck. And I smell fish in Denmark. (literary aside there, from “Hamlet”)

More on the botched investigation by NYPD of the Lefevre hit-and-run last year. Dead cyclist’s family says trucker should be charged We now know the cyclist was proceeding to the right of the truck as it faded left without signalling that the driver was planning a right turn, and that they were going through a green light, And that the truck hit the cyclist twice from behind, once with the passenger side bumper and a second time with the driver side front tire while dragging the bicycle under the truck.

Moving to the Great White North, a driver that ran a 6YO cyclist over on a sidewalk after running a stop sign is facing criminal charges. Driver charged in young cyclist’s death If convicted the driver could face a severe slap on the wrist for his offenses.

Still in the GWN a cyclist uses his body to smash a van windshield. Cyclist injured in downtown collision Not much on the wreck aside from the fact that the windshield was smashed and the cyclist “injured” his leg.

Infrastructure! news from the suburbs of Hell. Study: Dallas commuters among nation’s least likely to bike, walk to work and Dallas commuters hate to walk or bike to work, study suggests Yay, we beat OKC and Ft. Worth! Except both of them have more bike lanes than Dallas (or Garland for that matter), which isn’t hard to do when 20 feet of bike lane would beat both cities’ combined bike lane mileage.

And that’s all the links I could find today.

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