I just made a massive change in my browser, and the Feed

One of the features of my OS is they use an open-source browser that gets frequent updates as security holes are found and corrected, or as non-standard web sites cause the browser to break. Up until today I was on a custom-for-the-OS version of Firefox3.6. This afternoon I’m running FF9.0.1 for Ubuntu, with a new spell-check and a bunch of other features I still haven’t figured out yet. I haven’t quite got the handle on things yet so this might take a bit longer than usual to write.

One of the big stories in the Feed today was the 65YO cyclist that shot two of the three teenagers who were assaulting him. As this was not a wreck but an assault by pedestrians on the cyclist I won’t be linking any more articles about this, but I thought I would let you know about it.

Up first is a teenager hit mid-block in AL. Teenage Bicyclist Killed in Accident The odd thing is the pavement markings indicate the cyclist was hit in the inside lane of a divided highway, but the bike shows signs of being hit from the right, like he was crossing the road or someone drove at him deliberately as they passed.

A CA rider is at fault for being hit from behind because he wasn’t wearing a glow-in-the-dark clown costume. Man riding his bike at night hit by car, injured Obviously having more reflective material helps drivers see you, but I’m getting sick and tired of drivers driving faster than they can see to stop and then blaming the cyclist for what was the driver’s fault.

A wreck murder in NJ. New Brunswick Man Killed in Hit-and-Run Wednesday Have I mentioned lately how much I hate hit-and-run drivers? How about hit-and-run drivers that cross into the oncoming lane to hit a cyclist head on? There was no way to avoid this wreck short of riding somewhere else, this was either a driver so drunk they couldn’t stay on the road, or a deliberate attempt to kill a cyclist. More Driver sought in fatal hit and run in New Jersey and Driver Sought In New Brunswick Hit-And-Run Fatality another one Driver wanted in deadly NJ hit & run also Family Man Headed Home From Work Dies In Hit And Run not done yet Search For Hit-And-Run Driver Who Fatally Mowed Down Bicyclist Last one Authorities search for driver who fled after fatally striking bicyclist in New Brunswick

A pedestrian walks in front of a cyclist on a MUP crossing a bridge, pedestrian ends up in the road. Pedestrian Critically Injured In Clark Memorial Bridge Crash I don’t know how you can avoid a wreck like this as the MUP was clearly sub-standard, and barely qualified as a sidewalk.

Left cross in NC . Truck hits ASU cycling president No way to avoid this except to be aware that every driveway is an intersection and use intersection protocols.

A cyclist is killed JRA in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in crash and Brantford cyclist, 60, killed in crash Not much in this one other than the cyclist was not at fault. I couldn’t tell you the mode of the wreck, cyclist’s direction of travel, or anything about the location from the articles linked.

Pedestrians colliding with cyclists is a minor theme today as we have another one in the UK. Rider falls foul of pedestrian walking in cycle lane The cyclist tried to pass the pedestrian who wouldn’t get back on his side of the MUP.

Another cyclist in the UK has a wreck dodging a pedestrian in the street. Cyclist badly injured after freak crash This goes to show that when it comes to crashes, it’s much better for the pedestrian if the other traffic is a cyclist rather than a motor vehicle.

LifeStyle about the Baton Rouge cyclist killed by a drunk driver. Memorial held for cyclist killed in crashThe Baton Rouge Police Department reported the man accused of hitting Crowson, Joseph Branch, had a blood-alcohol level of .307” That is very close to the level of death by alcohol poisoning for non-alcoholics.

And a LifeStyle link from closer to home here at WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell. In memory of Megan: 300 cyclists compete in race Megan was a local racer that was killed training for her college racing team back east, in the same general area as the left-cross wreck mentioned a few paragraphs back.

And that are all the links I have for you today. Now I have to go grocery shopping with Blue.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

2 responses to “I just made a massive change in my browser, and the Feed

  1. The California cyclist didn’t have any lights on the bike, either. Whether you wear a “clown costume” or “basic black,” not having the legally required lights puts any cyclist at a disadvantage even if motorists (or other cyclists) are keeping a close watch for developing situations. I’ve almost hit such ninja myself – when ON my bicycle. The article didn’t say, but I’d not have been surprised to find the guy was also riding against traffic.


    • But if you blow up the picture that went with the article you can plainly see the bicycle’s reflectors (pretty much all you can see of the bike) on the ground in front of the police car. Had the driver actually seen what was in front of the car she would have had no problem avoiding the cyclist. Blaming the cyclist for not exceeding legal requirements to be visible when they meet the letter of the law is just blaming the victim. In this case it’s blaming the victim for not wearing a glow in the dark clown costume because you couldn’t see the reflectors on the back of the bike in time to not run the cyclist over.


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