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We have a person that rents a room from us here at WoaB World HQ in the suburbs of Hell, who is a little strange. She has “issues” to put it mildly. I have this habit of keeping my projects out where I can pick them up and work on them as I get inspired, which she hates. So she “tidies” my stuff up, which I hate because then I can’t find where she puts parts and tools I have left out (left out on purpose). Well recently she went beyond her best. She had been putting my stuff into boxes until there was no more stuff to put in boxes, so now she’s putting the boxes… in bigger boxes. After she did that she rearranged the plates in the cabinet, according to her ideas of how plates should be stacked.

Up first is a bike hit by a train with fortunately only property damage, not a fatality. Man hurt after bike hit by train in Industry I don’t know if the crossing signals were working properly or if the cyclist ignored the gates, but missing a similar wreck is simple. Remember Stop. Look, and Listen from way back in the what was it, the ’60s? Trains are very easy to avoid if first you only cross the tracks, don’t ride on them or beside them, second never go under or around the grossing gates, and third stay away from the tracks when there is a train coming.

More on the AL death of a teen cyclist. Columbia High School students, faculty mourning 15-year-old student killed riding his bike home from school We now know that the cyclist was riding salmon for some reason. But that still doesn’t explain being hit from the right side, unless the cyclist was trying to move to the side of the road that would be right if the road was 2-way, or trying to get in position to get on the correct side of the road at the next cut-through. Anyway, this could be avoided had the cyclist been on the correct side of the road. Infrastructure changes that could help would be a bicycle cut-through of the median near bicycle parking at the school to remove the temptation to ride salmon to save a few feet of riding in the wrong direction.

A MO wreck in a parking lot highlights the chaos in such places. Wednesday accident The article seems to indicate that the driver failed to maintain a proper lookout when he hit the cyclist as the end of the article admonishes drivers to be aware of bicycles at dusk and in other low-light conditions. Other than that I can’t tell you what you could do as a cyclist to avoid parking lot wrecks, as most places are surrounded by seas of mostly-empty parking required by zoning. If you want to ride a bike to do things, you have to ride through parking lots with the cars even if you rode on the sidewalk to get there.

From Oz what should be the final word on a terrible bicycle wreck. Seven years’ jail for man whose ‘despicable’ act ruined Heather’s life This was the driver that made the U-turn to hit the cyclist, which he claimed was not an intentional act (hitting the cyclist, not the U-turn, he made the U-turn on purpose). Police couldn’t prove the wreck was intentional, but he was convicted of being criminally negligent, and now he will spend at least the next 5 1/2 years in jail. Anyway, hit-from-behind wreck, using the protocols might have averted the wreck.

From Enn Zed, a driver that pulled out in front of a cyclist giving no time to react has to pay for medical expenses and a new bike. Injuries to rider cost driver $1500 The unusual thing about this wreck was the witness that said the cyclist had the green light when the driver pulled in front of her, otherwise it probably would have been another “cyclist runs a red light” wreck.

LifeStyle in Baton Rouge as cyclists protest the hit-and-run fatality of a cyclist by a drunk driver. Critical Mass ride honors lost cyclist, injured survivor makes first sign of recovery While I’m gratified to read about the continued recovery of the injured cyclist, that still doesn’t make up for the deceased one.

Legal Infrastructure! in PA. Pennsylvania Bicycle Accident Lawyer Urges Adoption of ‘Safe Passing’ Law for Cyclists’ Safety Yes, hold the people with the WMD accountable for controlling them and not hitting other people that don’t use WMD to travel.

And that’s all the links I have today.

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