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Dealing with a damaged Blue, and the Feed

Poor old Blue got knocked over in the bike rack at church yesterday and the front fender ended up smashed into the tire. It’s a simple thing to fix, there is just the one fender stay that is bent causing the fender to rub, but fixing it requires taking the whole front apart to get access to the damaged part. It isn’t like I could just grab the stay and pull it into position (I tried that) this will require use of a hammer and dolly to fix. As I have a great deal of things I have to do outside the house today I will have to forego the cosmetic repairs to concentrate on the functional repairs.

To open the CARnage, because it’s in the same state and also because it’s weird, an SUV rolls over on a bicycle in Lubbock, killing 2 in the SUV and the cyclist. (Updated) Driver arrested, hospitalized after three die in pickup vs. bicycle crash near Texas Tech That was the original link Accident involving SUV and bicycle kills three and 3 die in accident involving SUV and bicycle from a more local to me source SUV-Bicycle Accident Near Texas Campus Leaves 3 Dead And from Faux News 3 Killed in Lubbock SUV-Bicycle Crash There were several other links that were basically just repeats of the AP story condensed from the Avalanche-Journal article, complete with the original headline. As it appears now the cyclist wasn’t even on the same street as the weapon vehicle, that’s how out of control the weapon vehicle was. The driver of the weapon vehicle is facing manslaughter charges if he ever leaves the hospital. As for avoiding a wreck like this as a cyclist, are you kidding me? This wreck started a half a block away on a different street than the cyclist was riding on. It would require preternatural SA, or psychic powers, to avoid being caught up in a wreck like this.

Moving on a cyclist is killed in VA. Bicyclist killed on U.S. 17 in Stafford Reading the comments we find the cyclist was fully lighted and reflectorized far in excess of legal minimums, but was blamed for the wreck because he was “riding in the travel lane” when he was hit from behind.

A little north of that a PA cyclist is killed on his way home from work by a hit-and-run driver. Harrisburg bicyclist killed in hit-and-run Hit from behind and left to die, and more than half the comments blamed the cyclist for being there to get hit.

A cyclist in OR is hit-from-behind in broad daylight. Cyclist struck by car, killed in Polk County I noticed that the usual “dark clothing” bit was not included so he cyclist was likely wearing a glow in the dark clown costume.

A cyclist is killed in the Great White North, but aside from that nothing more is known about by the public this wreck. Rider killed in Brantford Not even enough of a location to find it on Google Maps.

LifeStyle as a memorial ride is held in Baton Rouge for a cyclist killed and another cyclist critically injured by a drunk driver. Memorial bike ride for Nathan Crowson

And that’s all the links I have today, fortunately.

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