Drivers are batshit crazy, and the Feed

OK what do I base this headline on? Sunday’s SUV rollover wreck with bicycle collateral damage? Several SWSS wrecks in the Feed? The driver that pulled out into my left hip with his passenger side headlight as he made a left turn and I rode past on the through street? Or all of the above? If you answered “all of the above” DING! you got it right. That collision I mentioned I was in was not serious (I didn’t even slow down much, much less get knocked off Blue) but it could have been with just a few more mm of moving forward on the part of the driver, and he knew it. He followed about 200 feet behind me all the way to the next stop light and left about 5 car lengths between us while we waited for the light. I have never seen a more sheepish looking driver in my life. So maybe they’re not all batshit crazy, but the problem is there are enough of them on the roads to make riding a bicycle like playing Russian Roulette. The difference is there are a lot more empty chambers when you play it with a bicycle…

Of course not all the crazy is on the part of the drivers, as this article proves. Grabbing a Tow Has Tragic Results For Young Cyclist The cyclist in this wreck was “skitching”, grabbing a tow off a vehicle not designed for such activity (there are such vehicles, they have grab handles that extend to the rear of the vehicle in such a way that it’s hard to lose balance and if you do you fall well clear of the vehicle). To avoid, well, DUH! More Spanish Springs boy suffers head injury trying to grab pickup from bicycle

Moving closer to WoaB World HQ in the beautiful suburbs of Hell. Cyclist Seriously Injured in Vehicle Accident Looking at the pictures this was obviously a right hook, as the cycle front wheel was hit from the left, and there is a big dent in the passenger-side rear fender of the truck, and the wreck scene was at a driveway entrance. I couldn’t read the brand on the bike, but that frame design looks very familiar from a high-end touring bike I saw a few years ago. Anyway, to avoid remember that every driveway is an intersection and use intersection protocols.

More on the “investigation” of a cyclist hit head on by a driver driving in the bike lane on the wrong side of the road in the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bicycle. Fort Myers cyclist’s parents losing patience with speed of crash investigation Eight months for a toxicology screening for a driver that has already had a DUI conviction? Are they just trying to wait until the heat blows over so they can quietly drop this case? This is one of the reasons why it’s so dangerous to ride a bike in FL, they are missing the third E, enforcement. Well actually they are missing all of them, education, engineering and enforcement. It’s just that in this article the Enforcement part of the triad is so glaringly missing.

A SWSS in NC. Teen bicyclist hurt south of Shelby The cyclist was hit head-on by a 75YO driver. I have such a driver in my family, and his SA is not always the best, even after his cataract surgery put in new lenses. And he tends to drift in and out of his lane…

More on a PA hit-and-run. Suspect in deadly hit-and-run surrenders This was the cyclist hit by a dark green Saturn last week, giving the driver ample time to sober up after the wreck. The cyclist was riding home after a late night shift at UPS…There may have been video of this wreck. More Police: Vehicle involved in deadly hit and run located and Driver Of Deadly Hit And Run Crash In Harrisburg Surrenders to Police also UPDATE(2): Driver turns himself in in deadly hit and run OK we now know that the driver had a suspended license, why it was suspended I don’t know yet. And there were several different colors for the Saturn in the wreck…

And final link from Enn Zed is to the trial of a man accused of causing a cyclist to fall in front of a moving vehicle by presenting the “door prize”. Witness predicted cyclist would be in accident – court Well, that link certainly has changed since I first did the filter. Now it’s a diatribe against the victim in the wreck…

And that’s all the links I have for you today. Now I have to go deliver the mortgage check, as well as the toxic recyclables. I have a bunch of defunct CFL bulbs, as well as SLA batteries that won’t take a charge, and there is a local place that just opened up a couple of months ago that accepts such things for recycling.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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