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After two crashes yesterday, I bring you the Feed

Well, I guess I need to explain the headline. If you read yesterday’s post you know about the one crash, the pickup truck that hit me at the red light. The second crash was that adrenaline thing I was telling you about, because I was on that adrenaline “high” for so long after the wreck when things finally shut down and tried to go back to “normal” I had a massive crash. I never did any stimulants stronger than caffeine but people who used to do meth told me about coming off the high and it sounds almost exactly like what happened when I came off the adrenaline. I was like “bleah” and all shaky and limp at the same time, and I could barely move for about a half hour. It was terrible, and my muscles hurt something fierce. The only major difference between what happened to me and people coming off meth was the amount of time involved. I was “high” on adrenaline for about 4 hours after the incident, as I still had to ride my bike so the stress levels were up for an extended period after the wreck, and the crash after was about a half-hour. The people I know told me about being awake and “high” for 3 or 4 days with a full day of wipeout after coming down from the high.

Up first a SUV crosses 2 lanes of traffic to hit a cyclist head on and then hits several objects off the road before smashing the wall of a house, no charges expected from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Bicycle rider hit in Sarasota No I wasn’t kidding, even hitting a cyclist head on in a bike lane is an “Oopsie!” with no blame assigned to the driver now in the state of FL. More Bicyclist seriously injured on Siesta Key and Bicyclist Struck on Siesta Key another one Bicyclist injured in crash on Siesta Key

Moving to LA, more cyclists are hit in Shreveport. Three Cyclists Hit In Two Days In neither wreck was the cyclist at fault, and in the truck wreck the cyclist had zero opportunity to avoid the wreck as he was coming to a stop at the stop sign.

On the other side of the country a driver in AZ makes sure they won’t be charged by leaving the scene after hitting a cyclist. GV woman injured in hit-run From the limited description in the article this might have been a hit-from-behind wreck, so use the protocols to avoid a similar wreck, and carry a video camera facing rear to capture the license plate of the weapon vehicle.

A Seattle cyclist “wins” the “door prize”. Update: Bicycle rider collides with car door, taken to hospital No word on if the driver was even ticketed.

Up in the Great White North, LEO are absolutely certain a cyclist was not at fault in this wreck. Man arrested after cyclist struck How did they know the cyclist was not at fault? Because they saw the driver run into the cyclist from behind, after leaving the scene of an earlier wreck they were investigating.

Cyclists in the UK and their supporters are getting up in arms after a report that shows roads getting safer for everyone not riding a bicycle. The ‘ghost bike’ revolt: Families demand action on cyclist deaths and Cycling injuries in London increase by 13 per cent in three years and ‘Cycle Safety Campaign’ Backed by National Accident Helpline another one The politics of cycling safety

After 2 workers for local TV stations are hit by the same drunk driver Shreveport media is suddenly all about bicycle safety. Recent accidents point up the need to respect bicycle riders’ rights to share the road

LifeStyle from the UK. Cyclist Richard pedalling hard for injured brother Good on ya’ mate!

And that’s it, all the news that gives me fits.

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