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Working to improve my craft, and the Feed

It may not look like it, but I work very hard to improve my writing within the limitations of what I do which is report on bicycle wrecks and tell other cyclists how to avoid them. Some days are more frustrating than others but there is a degree of frustration in every post, because I know that because you are reading this post, that automatically makes you less likely to be in a wreck than the people that don’t read my blog. You care about your safety, or you’re a bit of a ghoul. Either way, that makes you less likely to be in a bike wreck than the run-of-the-mill citizen that just rides a bicycle without reading my blog. It doesn’t make you impervious to a bike wreck, I write this thing and I have been hit twice since New Year’s, neither one my fault and neither one in any way avoidable. But back to the original statement, I was taking a class this morning on how to make my writing “better”, which made me late for filtering the Feed which will make this post go up a little later than it should.

Up first, the woman that ran Patrick Ytsma over from behind on a bridge (negating the ability to claim a SWSS) pleads guilty and is fined just under $600 for killing another human being with a WMD. Woman pleads guilty in crash that killed cyclist Patrick Ytsma Hit-from-behind wreck in a constrained location with no escape route and only sharrows on the pavement to warn drivers to expect bicycles. It’s not a very good location to ride a bike, but it’s the only access over the river for several miles in either direction on the river so the cyclist had no choice, it was either a bad location or a worse location (Hobson’s choice).

An elderly cyclist in SC is killed while riding to the store. 73-year-old Greenville bicyclist struck and killed and 73-year-old Greenville bicyclist struck and killed No mention of the mode of the wreck in either article…

More on the FL wreck that saw a cyclist hit by 3 different vehicles. UPDATE: Bicyclist dies after hit by 3 vehicles The comments that went with the earlier post were carried to the updated post. Hit-from-behind, since there was no mention if the bicycle was lighted and reflectored then it definitely was, this is an area where LEO come up with the flimsiest excuses to blame the cyclist for a wreck. There was a rumor about the sobriety of the driver of the first car being suspect, but I haven’t been able to find anything about that officially.

The drunk driver that was observed by LEO in the Great White North investigating another wreck the drunk was involved in hitting a cyclist from behind will spend at least a week behind bars. Ottawa driver faces 7 charges after cyclist struck and Bail Hearing Thursday for Man Who Hit Cyclist Yes, the bail hearing is going to be more than a week after the wreck, presumably so they can determine if the cyclist is likely to survive (he was hit at a speed that has a less than 15% chance of survival). After seeing the bicycle and the car involved I have to say the car must have been more then 30 degrees sideways when it hit the cyclist. You can see the impact from the rear tire on the driver’s side of the bumper just to the right of the headlight with the print of the cyclist’s body leading to a windshield impact slightly to the right of the passenger side of the vehicle, and the bike’s rear tire shows a sharp sideways component from the right in the pictures I can see. More More charges laid in crash that critically injured cyclist and UPDATE: Man charged after Carling collision

Infrastructure! in Enn Zed. Editorial: Cars vs bikes, who’s right?

More infrastructure from MD. Cyclists rallying to save Mount Royal bike lane Still trying to figure out why college presidents were against bike lanes through their campuses unless there was some kind of infraction revenue from campus police that a bike lane would wipe out. Otherwise it makes zero sense to endanger their customers (students) like that…

Infrastructure from the Great White North. Toronto falling behind pack in averting bicycle collisions, data reveals Yeah about those bike lanes you tore out for twice as much as it cost to implement them…

And from the UK. Cycling casualties ‘extremely concerning’ Again on the rise in cyclist injuries and death when all other users declined, due (IMHO) to the crap state of UK bicycle infrastructure where it exists, and also that in many cases there is no bicycle infrastructure, while there has been some small improvement in pedestrian infrastructure and motor vehicle infrastructure and mostly in the safety of motor vehicles protection of occupants. The current crash spec in both the US an UK requires the car to be able to hit a concrete wall at 35 MPH and the occupants to be able to open the doors and walk away from the wreck. Such a collision with a cyclist or pedestrian would be fatal more than 50% of the time.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits today…

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