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Still annoyed with things, and the Feed

I’m still seriously not happy, but I’m getting over it. This is mostly to do with a wreck I covered yesterday with fresh links today. Also not happy with trying to e-file my taxes and being told I don’t exist, in spite of having filed tax returns since I was 16 YO. That’s a very long time for a person that doesn’t exist to be filing taxes… Of course there was that snafu in the late 1970s when I was assigned 3 different SSN at the same time, but that was cleared up by 1980. Apparently they heard I died back in 2001 (but not that I re-booted myself), or any number of things that could have happened to have me drop off their charts…

Up first is more on the SC cyclist killed on a tandem by a car that was passing while the cyclists were trying to make a left turn. Aiken cyclist who was killed on tandem bike had cut back on rides Apparently if the guy that was killed had been any more safety conscious, he would have been me. And even I’m not immune to stupid drivers. More EDITORIAL: Be kind on the roadways

The driver that hit a cyclist head on and then hit 4 parked cars faces trial for the crime. Man held in running down cyclist will face trial Apparently he already had one DUI within the previous 24 hours that had caused a 3 vehicle wreck, when he got a new car and went at it again. The driver has not been able to make bail for the second wreck and has been bunking on the taxpayer’s dime ever since the second wreck.

More on the cyclist hit while riding on SR17 in Upstate NY. Police: Bicyclist killed in crash riding in middle of Rt. 17 And NY man struck, killed while riding bike on Rte. 17 This is the wreck I commented on yesterday that the physical evidence did not match the written description of the wreck, that the bike was hit from the left rear which would have been impossible if the cyclist had been riding the wrong way on the highway. This wreck is another reason why I have been grumpy today.

Out in OR a cyclist runs a red light and smacks a car. Police: Cyclist hurt after running red light, hitting car “Wait a minute,” I hear you say. “Why are you believing this story and not the one from NY?” Well first of all I would have believed the NY story had there been no pictures of the wrecked bike and car, second there was a corroborating witness who wasn’t connected with LEO and also supposedly did not have any axe to grind in this event. Also the cyclist had been drinking just prior to the wreck.

More on the teen cyclist shot in FL. Teen killed in Northwest Jacksonville Nothing new on the story, apparently a gang-related killing.

A cyclist is hit in St. Louis. Teen killed by suspected drunk driver The cyclist had just gotten off work when he was hit by the drunk driver who I hope gets denied bail…More Prosecutors considering charges in University City crash that killed bicyclist

One link from Canuckistan. ‘People are Fragile’ program raises awareness of road safety in Vancouver The major cause of traffic deaths in the ‘Couve is motor vehicles, so who do they go after? The cyclists and pedestrians.

And final link if you’re going to get hit, get hit by somebody working for a major corporation with really deep pockets. Callahan & Blaine Announces That Multi-National Corporation Agrees to Pay $6 Million to Settle Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

That’s all the news that gives me fits today. I’m going for a bike ride…

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